Dr Sebastian Job




BA Hons (Sociology UNSW), PhD (Anthropology, University of Sydney)
Position: Lecturer

Research areas

My PhD research focused on the unconscious motivations of racist nationalists in contemporary Russia. Here the interpretative lens was part psychoanalytic, part neo-Hegelian. In the last few years I have concentrated on philosophical issues involved in the sacramental use of plant entheogens or ‘psychedelics’ in Peru, Mexico, and Australia. In recent years have taught courses in the anthropology of gender, race and ethnic relations, and the history of anthropological thought. In general I am interested in anthropology’s capacity to illuminate the current highly pathological world situation and the existential and political possibilities open to humanity. Specific areas of interest include Russian, Latin American and Australian cultural lifeworlds, especially with a focus on issues of political significance; sociology and anthropology of spirituality and religion; race and racism; nations and nationalism; the State and “globalisation”; social theory; cultural ontologies and epistemologies; philosophies of history; the ‘gateway plants’.