Dr Paolo Magagnoli

Paolo Magagnoli

BA/MA University of Bologna
MA University College London
PhD University College London


Biographical Details

Dr Paolo Magagnoli is a modern and contemporary art historian who specialises in the history of photography and the moving image. Prior to coming to the University of Sydney, he was a Teaching Fellow in the Department of History of Art at University College London. He has worked as a curatorial assistant for the Department of Photographs of The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The American Federation of Arts in New York. His essays have been published in refereed academic journals such as The Oxford Art Journal, Third Text, Philosophy of Photography, Transnational Cinemas, and Academic Quarter. He is also a critic, writing for international art presses and magazines such as Frieze, Art in America, Afterall, and Camera Austria.

Research Interests

Dr Magagnoli's research interests are in modern and contemporary art and visual culture, and he is specifically interested in the works of artists who use lens-based media (photography, film, and video) to understand their relationship with the production of memory and visions of historical difference. His research is committed to historically informed approaches to art theories and critical paradigms that mine the multiple overlaps between art and film history. He is also interested in experimental documentary forms emerging from East Asia and the Global South that question dominant social, political, and economic ideologies.

  • Moving image installation
  • Experimental documentary
  • Avant-garde cinema
  • Histories and theories of media and technology
  • Global histories of photography



  • Magagnoli, P. (forthcoming, 2015). Documents of Utopia: The Politics of Experimental Documentary, Columbia University Press.

Book chapters

  • Magagnoli, P. (2013). "'Let meaning disintegrate': Digital Compression as Revelation in the Art of Sean Snyder". In Alexandra Moschovi ed., The Versatile Image: Photography in the Era of Web 2.0 (Leuven: Leuven University Press, 2013).

Peer reviewed journal articles

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Art presses

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Conference papers

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