Step 1: Select your Course

You first need to select the course you have received an offer for from the drop down menu below. If you are enrolling in the Master of Economics, you will also need to select your specialisation.

Choosing your units of study

Once you have selected your course you will see the basic requirements you need to meet to complete it and a list of units of study that you can enrol in for 2017.

Clicking on a unit of study code will give you a more detailed description of the unit. Next to the unit of study code is an add button which will include the unit in your course plan (on the top right of the screen). You can remove units you've added by clicking the remove button next to the unit in your course plan.

Once you have finished choosing your units of study

Once you have chosen all your units of study for this year, you should click on the red ‘Next’ button.

Timetable information

Please note that the timetable information displayed in each unit of study description is indicative only and is subject to change. You receive your official timetable after you have enrolled and you will have an opportunity to vary your timetable if you need to. Please also note that the Faculty Student Office does not administer the University timetable system. If you need to amend your timetable, please follow the instructions found on the University Student Centre website.

Select your Course