Associate Professor Katrina Schlunke

Affiliated Researcher with Gender and Cultural Studies, The University of Sydney

Research Interests

Associate Professor Katrina Schlunke writes and teaches in cultural studies across the areas of cultural history, postcoloniality, fictocriticism and material cultures and within diverse sites including colonial Australia and Indigenous art. Katrina is currently working on two connected projects. The first is concerned with the creation of experimental histories and the second is to do with queering possession and lost materialisms. She is co-editor of the key cultural studies journal; Cultural Studies Review


Her first book, Bluff Rock: Autobiography of a Massacre (Fremantle Press, 2005) has been described as ‘writing-as-making’, following the ideas of testing the claims of history against the experience of them in place and contemporary time. Her second book Cultural Theory in Everyday Practice (Oxford University Press, 2008), co-edited with Nicole Anderson was both a set of scholarly essays showcasing key cultural studies thinking and a text for students showing a diversity of perspectives. She is the author of numerous articles and chapters and recent ones include: ‘Lessons from the Site: Catastrophe and Cultural Studies’ in Hickey, A (Ed), The Pedagogies of Cultural Studies (2016,Routledge) and 'A blak woman walks through a blakened landscape' in Foley, F., Martin-Chew, L. & Nicoll, F. (Eds), Courting Blakness; (2015, University of Queensland Press). Many of her publications can be found here.


Dr Schlunke believes that knowledge has a flavour. That something well taught in a lecture, a workshop or an imaginative seminar, should be able to be tasted. Her principle teaching philosophy is to challenge participants to make connections between the rich critical material they will be exposed to, its materialised flavours and the multiple (immediate and past) experiences of their own lives.


  • 2014-2016 Experimental Histories and Alternative Archives, ATN-DAAD Germany Joint Research Co-operation Scheme
  • 2011-2013 Remembering German/Australian Colonial Entanglements, ATN-DAAD - Germany Joint Research Co-operation Scheme
  • 2005 -2009 Voyages of Myth: Captain Cook in the Popular Australian Imagination
    ARC Discovery Grant

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

  • Schlunke, K (2013) ‘Memory and Materiality’, in Memory Studies, Vol 6, No. 3, Sage Publications pp.253-61
  • Schlunke, K (2013) 'One Colonial Thing: Material Remembering and the Bark Shield of Botany Bay', Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies, Vol 27, No.1, Taylor and Francis, pp.18-29
  • Schlunke K (2011) ‘Animated Documentary and the Scene of Death’;Experiencing ‘Waltz with Bashir’ in South Atlantic Quarterly, vol 110, No. 4 pp. 949-62
  • Schlunke, K (2009) 'Home' in South Atlantic Quarterly, vol 108, No. 1 pp.1-26
  • Schlunke, K (2008) ‘Captain Cook Chased a Chook’, Cultural Studies Review, Vol. 16, No. 1 pp.43-54
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  • Schlunke + Brewster (2005) ‘We Four; Fictocriticism Again’, Continuum; Journal of Media and Cultural Studies Vol 19, No. 3, Sept (Introduction) pp.393-95
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  • Schlunke, K (2004) ‘Dumb Places’ Balayi: Journal of Culture, Law and Colonialism Vol 6, pp.72-81

Book Chapters

  • Schlunke, K (2016/17) ‘Hometown: Sustainable Queerness in the more-than-human country town’ in Cultural Sustainability in Rural Communities: Rethinking Australian Country Towns. Darian-Smith and Driscoll (eds) Routledge (forthcoming)
  • Schlunke, K (2016)‘Burnt Houses and the Haunted Home: Reconfiguring the ruin in Australia’ in Housing and Home Unbound (eds) Cook, Davison and Crabtree. Routledge. Chapter 13.
  • Schlunke, K (2016) ‘Lessons from the Site: Catastrophe and Cultural Studies’ in Pedagogies of Cultural Studies. Andrew Hickey (ed) Routledge. pp.60-75
  • Schlunke, K (2015) ‘A blak woman walks through a blackened landscape’: Contemporary Indigenous Art and the Making of History’ in Courting Blakness: Recalibrating Knowledge in the Sandstone University. Nicoll & Marton-Chew (eds) University of Queensand Press, pp. 50-59
  • Schlunke, K (2015) ‘Entertaining Possession: Re-enacting Cook's Arrival for the Queen’ in Conciliation on Colonial Frontiers: Conflict, Performance, and Commemoration in Australia and the Pacific Rim. Darian-Smith, K (ed) Routledge, pp. 56-67
  • Schlunke, K (2014) 'Seeing Skippy? Visualising and Materialising the Kangaroo’ in Visualising Australia,Bosch, R and Crane, K (eds) Konzepte, Orientierungen, Abhandlungen, Lekturen, Australien Studien (Publisher Trier) Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier (WVT)
  • Schlunke, K (2012) 'When Massacre Appears: Representations of Australian Indigenous Massacre in Fiction’ in P. G. & Ryan, L. (eds) [[i||Theatres of Violence, Berghan, pp.83-101
  • Schlunke, K (2012) 'Inciting public grace: Deborah Kelly's public art' in Blair French and Mark Feary (eds), Deborah Kelly &, Artspace, Sydney, pp. 9-137
  • Schlunke, K (2012) ‘Response; Pregna/ting as in cheating, fucking, lying…this is the way we live’ in Robinson, K.H., & Davies, C. (Eds.) Queer and subjugated knowledges: Generating subversive imaginaries. Bentham Publishers pp. 23-36