Dr Shé Mackenzie Hawke

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Shé Hawke is an Honorary Associate in the Department of Gender and Cultural Studies. Her PhD, ‘Aquamater: Towards a Genealogy of the Impossible’ was conferred in 2008 at the University of Sydney. In 2004 she received a First Class Honours degree from Southern Cross University. Her book, Depot Girl (a ficto-critical, queer theory novel in verse) appeared in 2008 and was shortlisted for the Foundation for Australian Literary Studies Colin Roderick Award (2009) and nominated for the Miles Franklin Literary Award (2009). It appears on several university reading lists in Australia. Her latest book Aquamorphia: Falling for Water, Interactive Publications, appeared in 2014 .

Research and teaching interests

Minority discourses and social justice; Greek cosmogeny and philosophy; poetry and poetics; water and elemental literacy; theology and biosocial cultural studies.


Aquamorphia: Falling for Water (2014) Brisbane, Interactive Publications
Depot Girl (2008) Picaro Press
Tender Muse (2007) Picaro Press
Living Peaceful Relationships: A resource manual for primary teachers. (1986) Fremantle Education Centre Press

Grants and Fellowships

2016 - The Bley Stein Visiting Professorship at the Arava Institute of Environmental Science, Israel

Invited Seminars and Keynotes

2015 - "Cross-cultural Transboundary Water Management: G/local Transformational Challenges in Policy & Practice". Invited Keynote Address at the Arava Institute for Environmental Science, Center for Trans-boundary Water Management Conference, Israel, 7-9 September

2014 - Launch of Aquamorphia: Falling for Water (IP 2014) by Professor Vrasidas Karalis & Helen Nickas at the Modern Greek Studies Association of Australia & New Zealand 12th Biennial Conference: Un-Framing Hellenism: Greek Culture After the Crisis, 4th December The University of Sydney

2014 - Research School of Social Sciences, Seminar Series, Semester II, The Australian National University, "The Social Worlds of the River, as an Agent in its own Becoming: The Cotter/Murrumbidgee River Corridor", October

2014 - Research School of Social Sciences, Seminar Series, Semester I, The Australian National University, "Reading Water Futures: Resilience Thinking, Biosociality and Complex Adaptive Systems Theory" 24th February

2014 - Fenner School of Environment and Society, ANU ENVS1001, Australian National University, "Reading Water Futures and Values" on the panel: “Water and Peoples: The Importance of Community Participation in Sustainability Governance", 6th May 2014

Conference/Seminar Invitations

2016 Ludics Seminar Series Lecture on “The Play of Water from Mythic Metis to the Contemporary Beach: The Poetics of Aquamorphia”, Ludics Seminar/ Mahindra Humanities Center, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA (Funded visit 14th November 2016)

2016 “Host Versus Graft: Waters That Convey And Harbours That Reject Liminal Subjects – Towards A New Ethics Of Hospitality” paper at: borders / debordering: Towards a New World Culture of Hospitality, University of Primorska, Slovenia, 3rd July.

Book chapter
2018 Graft versus Host: waters that convey and harbors that reject liminal subjects – towards a new ethics of hospitality by Shé Hawke pp 193-215 in Borders and Debordering: Topologies, Praxes, Hospitableness Lexington Books: London and New York

Refereed journal articles

Hawke, Shé and Palsson, Gisli (2017) ‘Water Futures, Biosociality and Otherwise Agency: An exploratory essay’, Journal of Associazone Nazionale Universitaria Antropologi Culturali (ANUAC) 6, (1) 233-252 (ITALIA)

Hawke, S.M. (2016) ‘Aquanomics’, Capitalism, Nature, Socialism DOI: 10.1080/10455752.2016.1140385.

Hawke, Shé (2014) “Old Beings New Becomings: Neo Darwinism and Descartes Dualisms are dead – Again!” review of Biosocial Becomings: Integrating Social and Biological Anthropology, Tim Ingold and Gisli Palsson (Eds.), Cambridge University Press: Cambridge. In: Journal of Associazone Nazionale Universitaria Antropologi Culturali (ANUAC, ITALIA), Vol.3 No.1, 126-128.

"Brief-Cased Girl" in Meniscus, Australian Association of Writing Programs Journal, Volume 3, Issue 2, 2016, August

"Aquanomics", Capitalism, Nature, Socialism, 2016, http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/10455752.2016.1140385

Hawke, S.M. (2013) ‘Aquamater: A Genealogy of Water’, Feminist Review (Special Issue on Water), 103, 120-132.

"Water literacy: An 'other wise', active and cross-cultural approach to pedagogy, sustainability and human rights", Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies, 26:2 2012, pp 235-247

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"Infinity and Other Possibilities; Following the Footfall of Charmian Clift, Beverley Farmer and Sue Woolfe", Literature and Aesthetics: the Journal of the Sydney Society of Literature and Aesthetics. 17(2), 2007 pp 51-65

"Dancing With the Ghost of Charmian Clift: A Ficto-critical Requiem" Modern Greek Studies: A Journal for Greek Letters, Australia and New Zealand. 13, 2005 pp 106-121

Refereed Conference Papers and Proceedings International and National

2016 - "Host Versus Graft: Waters That Convey And Harbours That Reject Liminal Subjects - Towards A New Ethics Of Hospitality" paper at: borders/ debordering:Towards a New World Culture of Hospitality, University of Primorska, Slovenia, 3rd July.

2014 - "Becoming Water, and more-than-human currents in Irigaray’s Marine Lover & Divine Women" paper on panel: Water Topologies: Irigaray’s More than Human Becomings” at Irigaray Circle Conference, RMIT, Melbourne 11th December.

2014 -Affective river readings: intersecting Bourdieu’s agency, field and habitus with a psychological history of human and non-human becoming through water relations" at: Environmental Humanities (AZLEC/ANZ) Conference: Affective Habitus: Hosted by Humanities Research Centre, ANU, 21st June.

2010 - "Water: A scholarly, cross-cultural, canonical Approach" paper at A Scholarly Affair, Cultural Studies Association of Australasia (CSAA) Byron Bay/Southern Cross University, NSW 7-9 December.

2010 - "Water Literacy: A Missing Link in Darwinism Recovered in Eco-Criticism and Cross-Cultural Knowledge" paper at Literature and Science Conference, 4th annual conference of The Australasian Association for Literature, University of New South Wales 5-6 July.

2008 - "Literary & Cultural Odyssey's" paper at (panel with Arnold Zable and Angela Costi) Multidisciplinary Approaches to Greek Studies Conference for the Modern Greek Studies Association of Australia and New Zealand, 9th Biennial Conference, La Trobe University, Melbourne, 11-13 December.

2008 - "The Displaced Heart in Translation: A Liminal Place" paper at (panel with Judy Singer [refugee health], Susan Andrews [children overboard], and Dave Corlett [climate change refugees]) Activating Human Rights Conference: Universal Responsibility, Southern Cross University, Byron Bay NSW, 1-4 July.

2007 - "The Ship Goes Both Ways: an appreciation of textual and cultural diversity in the narrative, memoir and history of Joy Damousi, Helen Nickas, Antigone Kefala and Beverley Farmer" - at ASAL Conference, The Colonial Present: Australian Writing for the 21st Century, The University of Queensland, 14 July.

2006 - "Infinity and Other Possibilities: Expatriate Australian Women Writing on Greece - Charmian Clift, Beverley Farmer and Sue Woolfe" paper at (panel with Beverley Farmer) Conference on Minorities and Minority Discourses in the Greek World. Sponsored by The Modern Greek Studies Association of Australia and New Zealand, The University of Sydney, 14-16 December.

2006 - "The Epistemology of Tenderness: Attending to the Unattended" paper at Psychoanalysis and Psychosomatics: Mind, Body and the Bridge Between at the Clinical Sándor Ferenczi Conference, Baden Baden, Germany. Sponsored by The Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis, 2-6 August.

2004 - "Re-Mapping Mateship" at The Politics of Friendship - A Symposium on Friendship, Gender and Nation in Australia, Britain and The Empire. Menzies Centre for Australian Studies, University of London, 26-27 June.

  • 2004-2007 Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) with stipend
  • 2004-2007 Southern Cross University Inaugural Alumni Scholarship
  • 2004 University Medal, Southern Cross University
  • 2004 Byron Bay Writers’ Festival Poetry Prize
  • 1986 International Year of Peace Award for Peace Education, Aotearoa/New Zealand Ministry of Education