Events in the Department of History

Cultures of Diplomacy Workshop

16 July, 2014

The Congress of Vienna (1814-1815) has come to symbolize a new modern era in diplomacy, including the ideals of humanitarianism, peace, and methods of conferencing and state relations that came to mark the formation of international politics. In celebration of its bicentenary, this workshop brings together scholars exploring the nature of diplomacy across the last two centuries and in distinct parts of the world, taking as their perspective questions of state sovereignty, gender, race, and the enduring challenges of war and peace at the Congress and since. 


Dr. Stella Ghervas (Bordeaux/CES, Harvard)

Prof. Glenda Sluga (Sydney)

Prof. Karen Hagemann (UNC)

Prof. Peter Becker (Vienna)

Prof. Dirk Moses (EUI/Sydney)

Dr. Benjamin Mountford (Oxford)

Chair, Prof. Kathleen Burk (UCL)

Concluding Remarks, Prof. David Armitage (Harvard)

Program (PDF)