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Chifley College Year Prize Ceremony

Ancient and Modern History Historical Investigations

The development of cults in Roman Egypt was influenced by both Egyptian and Greek traditions, and the abolition of the slave trade played out very differently in England and America. Participants in the Cult of Isis were promised the secrets of life and death and the transatlantic slave trade had both long term economic and social effects.

These are some of the interesting facts that Chifley College Senior Campus students explored while researching their Ancient and Modern History Historical Investigations.

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Partner Schools

The Department of History and the Department of Classics and Ancient History at the University of Sydney maintain partnerships with a select number of schools, particularly those with a student population identified as low socio-economic and/or diverse. Partner schools are invited to bring students to key history events on campus.

In addition to campus visits, partner schools are invited to liaise with the department for school-based activities with academic staff and volunteer undergraduate students. Some of these activities include:

  • Historical Investigation Program for Year 11 Students
  • Workshops on Year 11 Historical Investigations
  • Workshops on studying history at University
  • Essay prize awards
  • Parent talks on studying History and the Arts at University
  • Parent talks on subject selection at High School

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Connect with us

If you are a history teacher or school principal interested in a partnership with the Sydney history department, please contact:
Professor Mike McDonnell

+61 2 9351 6733 MORE INFORMATION

Current Partner Schools

  • Chifley College, Mount Druitt
  • Trinity Catholic College Auburn
  • Kogarah High School
  • Sir Joseph Banks High School
  • Granville Boys High School
  • Malek Fahd Islamic School
  • Miller Technology High School
  • Willyama High School, Broken Hill
  • Broken Hill High School
  • Coonabarabran High School