Department of History Academic Staff

  • Dr Thomas Adams
    (Department of History and United States Studies Centre)
    Political Economy, Labor, Urban Culture, Gender and Sexuality, African-American, U.S. South, U.S. West, Social Movements and Contentious Politics
  • Professor Robert Aldrich
    Modern European and colonial history, especially France; gay history
  • Professor Warwick H. Anderson
    History of science; medicine; racial thought; Pacific world
  • Dr David Brophy
    History of Qing and Republican China, post-Mongol Eurasia; colonialism and national movements; Islam
  • Professor Barbara Caine
    Nineteenth and twentieth-century cultural history, emphases on Europe and Australia; women's history; biography and history; life-story writing
  • Dr Frances Clarke
    Nineteenth century United States history; women's and gender history; memorialization of warfare
  • Professor James Curran
    Australian political, cultural, intellectual and diplomatic history
  • Dr Marco Duranti
    History of Modern Western Europe; history of human rights and humanitarianism; history of international law and international organizations; history and memory of genocide and war; relationship between nationalism, imperialism and internationalism; history of conservatism
  • Dr James Dunk
    History of madness; planetary health; medicine and disease; colonial history; Australia
  • Associate Professor Nicholas Eckstein
    Early Modern European history, late medieval and renaissance Italy, popular religion, urban history
  • Professor Andrew Fitzmaurice
    Early Modern European history, intellectual history, colonization and expansion
  • Professor Sheila Fitzpatrick, FAHA
    20th-century Russian and Soviet history; transnational history; the Australian Left; Australian society after the Second World War, with particular reference to assimilation of "displaced persons" from Europe and the Cold War
  • Dr John Gagné
    Early modern Europe; script, print, & information; war; gender; food & consumption; local-global connections in premodernity
  • Professor Stephen Garton
    Australian history, history of psychiatry and mental illness, eugenics, crime and punishment
  • Professor Chris Hilliard
    Modern British cultural and intellectual history, New Zealand history
  • Dr Peter Hobbins
    Non-humans in history; history of science, technology and medicine; aviation medicine and airways safety.
  • Associate Professor Julia Horne
    Nineteenth and twentieth century history with emphases on Australia, history of university life, students, travel and landscape
  • Dr Miranda Johnson
    Comparative indigenous history; settler colonial history; Australian and New Zealand history; postcolonial theory and race; legal history
  • Dr Chin Jou
    Twentieth-century US history; history of food and history of medicine.
  • Dr Sophie Loy-Wilson
    Twentieth century Australian History (social and cultural), global and transnational history, colonial histories of East Asia (especially treaty port history), histories of migration, race relations history.
  • Dr Leah Lui-Chivizhe
    Torres Strait cultural knowledge and histories, research and curatorial practice in museums, gendered knowledge, labour history.
  • Professor Iain McCalman
    Eighteenth-century and early-nineteenth British and European history; Popular culture and low life; uses of media for history.
  • Dr Cindy McCreery
    Modern European History, British and Irish History, maritime history, visual representations.
  • Professor Michael McDonnell
    History of the Atlantic World, Colonial and Revolutionary United States history, Native Americans.
  • Professor Mark McKenna
    Australian history, particularly political and cultural history and Aboriginal history.
  • Professor Kirsten McKenzie
    Australian history, colonialism, gender history, comparative colonial history.
  • Professor Dirk Moses
    Modern European history, German history, the Holocaust, comparative genocide.
  • Dr Andres Rodriguez
    Modern Chinese History, Republican China, Southwest China borderlands, internationalism, wartime China, history of anthropology
  • Professor Penny Russell
    Australian history, women's history, gender history, colonialism and biography and autobiography
  • Dr Hélène Sirantoine
    Medieval history, political and cultural history of Christian Spain, history of powers and their supportive ideologies, written practices of power.
  • Professor Glenda Sluga
    Modern European History, nationalism and gender history; international history
  • Professor Shane White
    United States history; African American history; the history of New York City