History Department Honorary Associates

  • Professor David Armitage, FAHA

    Lloyd C. Blankfein Professor of History; Harvard University; Department of History
    Atlantic history; British history; History of international law; History of political thought; Imperial history; Intellectual history; International and global history; Literature and history; Main period: 1500-1800
  • Professor Alan Atkinson

    Emeritus Professor, St Paul's College University of Sydney
    Eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth century Australian history.
  • Professor Alison Bashford

    Modern world history; environmental history; history of science
  • Dr Catherine Bishop
    Nineteenth and twentieth-century Australian history; nineteen-century New Zealand history; business history; labour history; women's history; gender history; international history; heritage; history of missions; race relations; histories of youth and education
  • Dr Judith Bonzol

    Early modern European history, particularly witchcraft; medicine; emotions; demonic possession; and religion
  • Dr Alexander Cameron-Smith

    Histories of medicine, race, colonialism, and transnational connections
  • Professor Ann Curthoys, FASSA, FAHA

    Australian history; Aboriginal-European relations; historical theory
  • Professor John Docker, FAHA

    Literary, cultural and intellectual history; genocide studies; massacre studies; the Enlightenment
  • Emeritus Professor Helen Dunstan

    Chinese history
  • Professor Brian H. Fletcher, OAM, FAHA

    Australian history
  • Dr Judith Godden

    Healthcare and hospital history; social welfare history; biography
  • Professor Janet Golden

    History of medicine; history of childhood; women’s history; American social history
  • Associate Professor Judith Keene

    Twentieth century European History, film and history
  • Emeritus Professor Roy MacLeod, FASSA, , FAHA

    British imperial, colonial and commonwealth history; history of science, medicine and technology; Pacific Studies; Australian history; history of universities; history of exploration and discovery; museum history; history of research and information systems.
  • Dr Jim Masselos, FAHA

    Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities
    Modern South Asian history; Indian art and religion; Bombay City and Presidency; historiography.
  • Assoc Prof Neville K. Meaney

    International history, especially concerning the way in which ideology, culture and geopolitics have interacted to shape the changing character of Australia's relations with the world.
  • Dr Janet Merewether

    International Documentary, Australian Documentary, Australian Cinema, Experimental Film and Media Art, Documentary Production, Drama Production, Digital Screen Design & Photomedia, Production Design. Research interests: Australian screen culture, innovative documentary, non-normative sexuality and family structures, media representation of Indigenous cultures, feminist cinema.
  • Dr Marianna Moustafine

    20th-century Russian and Soviet history
  • Dr Geoffrey A. Oddie

    South Asian history (primarily social change), Hinduism and Christianity, especially in South India
  • Dr Lynette Olson

    Medieval Cornwall and Brittany; Overall history of Europe in the Early Middle Ages; Christian Conversion of Europe as cultural change
  • Dr Jayne Persian

    Australian history; migration history; displaced persons; oral history; memory and commemoration,; diaspora; transnational history; Jehovah's Witnesses
  • Emeritus Professor Roslyn Pesman, AM, FAHA

    President of the Australian Historical Association
  • Professor Peter Read

    Aboriginal history; oral history; biography
  • Dr Anne Rees

    Australian history; international history
  • Dr Kathrine M. Reynolds

    Nineteenth century European migration to Australia, nineteenth century Australian history
  • Dr David Robertson

    African American history; Native American history; race and ethnicity; colonialism and post-colonialism; intellectual history
  • Dr David Rollison

    Popular politics and mentalities in early modern England. He is currently (2008-9) Visiting Research Fellow at the University of East Anglia (UK), where he is writing a book titled What is Social History
  • Dr Ricardo Roque

    History of race; science studies; anthropology of colonialism; East Timor; Portuguese empire (19th-20th century)
  • Dr Ben Silverstein
    Indigenous histories; settler colonialism; Australian history; history of race
  • Dr Julie Smith

    Medieval women's history; medieval social, cultural, and religious history
  • Dr Daniel Spence

    History of race; maritime history
  • Dr Lynne Swarts

    Nationalisms and transnationalism; cultural history; intellectual history
  • Dr Blanca Tovias de Plaisted

    History of First Nations women; imperialism and colonialism throughout the Americas; Pacific history
  • Professor Richard Waterhouse, FASSA, FAHA

    Australian history, cultural history and rural history
  • Dr Paul Werskey

    History of science
  • Assoc Prof Richard White

    Australian history; history of travel and tourism
  • Associate Professor Christine Winter

    Race history; colonialism; migration and identity; transnational history
  • Emeritus Professor John Wong FASSA, FAHA

    Chinese history
  • Dr Zdenko Zlatar

    Honorary Reader
    Slavic (including Russian) History; the Balkans; European intellectual and cultural history from the late middle-ages to the 20th century