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Still from the film What Keeps You Alive

Sydney Film Festival

It all started here
Sixty-six years and thousands of films since the first Sydney Film Festival was held on our Camperdown campus, the University of Sydney continues to support this iconic event.

We relish the opportunity to support bold, innovative cinema by participating in one of the nation’s great cultural events.

Sydney Film Festival returns for its 66th edition in 2019, held in venues across Sydney from 5 June to 16 June. Tickets for all sessions are available now.

This year we’re excited to share the depth and breadth of our research through a series of short videos featuring talented academics from across the University.

Our academics talk about a featured film in the context of their research. They offer in-depth expertise so you won’t need to look anything up.

Anthropocene: The Human Epoch

Professor Danielle Celermajer, research lead of Multispecies Justice, explores the concept of justice when the subjects include not just humans, but animals and the environment in their relationships with each other. Here she discusses Anthropocene: The Human Epoch, a visually stunning cinematic essay on humanity’s devastating impact on the planet.

High Life

Senior Lecturer in Film Studies Dr Bruce Isaacs, chats with us about the bold, sexually charged sci-fi thriller, High Life. Directed by French auteur Claire Denis, this atmospheric film presents rich material for Dr Isaacs’s expertise in film aesthetics and style, science fiction, popular culture and critical approaches to film production.

The Final Quarter

In calling out racism, champion Sydney Swans footballer Adam Goodes became a lightning rod for a national debate. Professor Tim Soutphommasane, former Race Discrimination Commissioner, shares his views on patriotism, multiculturalism and national identity – and the importance of combating racism.


Never Look Away

Professor Mark Ledbury, Director of the Power Institute for Art and Visual Culture, is interested in how artists’ lives and works are portrayed in film, television and popular culture. He unpacks the Oscar-nominated documentary Never Look Away, inspired by the life of German artist Gerhard Richter, and explores why art matters.

Festival reporters

Harry Licence is a fourth-year Media and Communications student at the University of Sydney. When not studying his majors (Marketing, Philosophy) he works full time in an advertising agency. Playing footy on the weekends and writing and performing in the Sydney Comedy Festival each year, Harry definitely gets around. He adores film but is humble enough to admit he didn’t understand the ending of Mulholland Drive.

Esther Shim is a final-year Bachelor of Arts (Media and Communications) student at the University of Sydney, majoring in Marketing and Digital Cultures. Outside study, she works at a bank, hosts a radio show on SURG FM and partakes in student comedy. She has recently returned from South Korea where she studied Korean film and was published in the Yonsei Annals, the official English press of Yonsei University. Esther is excited to keep Sydney students in the loop with all things Sydney Film Festival.


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