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20 August 2019

Professional experience: How arts students get it for credit

As the workforce trends towards soft skills, we caught up with three Bachelor of Arts students who brought their communication and problem-solving abilities to bear while interning at Amnesty International, Macquarie Dictionary and the European Australian Business Council.

06 August 2019

Resurgent racism project begins

The new project will adopt a transnational, interdisciplinary approach to racism, bringing together top historians, political scientists, cultural studies scholars, sociologists and psychologists. International experts are invited to apply.
06 August 2019

Art School on the move

As the University’s prestigious art school prepares to invigorate the main campus with its many disciplines and dynamic creativity, we take a fresh look at all it has to offer.
01 August 2019

Five minutes with Yixu Lu

In the lead up to the University's first multilingual conference on world literature, we speak with Professor Yixu Lu, convenor of the World Literatures and Global South Conference, about the cultural and linguistic diversity of international literary works.