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Educational Measurement and Assessment Hub

High-quality research to advance methodology
We provide academic leadership in building research capacity, scholarly inquiry, curriculum and consulting in the areas of measurement, assessment and psychometrics.

About us

We are conducting research, teaching and consulting on the methodology and practice of educational measurement and assessment. We welcome partnerships within the Sydney School of Education and Social Work, with other centres within the University, and with other institutions, external organisations or companies.

Our research

The hub's work focuses on several themes:
  • developing theories and models of educational assessment to improve formative and summative assessment in different educational settings
  • evaluating how the different types of assessment influence the effectiveness of learning and learning systems
  • exploring the impacts and opportunities of new assessment technologies in test design, distribution, administration and delivery of results
  • constructing and validating measurement scales for cognitive and non-cognitive constructs
  • researching notions of validity and reliability in different educational assessment contexts
  • exploring how psychometrics is changing education and assessment and how it is impacting on lifelong learning.

Our people

Our events

25 April 2017

RTI International, North Carolina

Presented invitational address "Global assessments and the assessment market".

26–28 October 2016

Presented address to the 18th UNESCO-APEID (Asia-Pacific Programme of Education Innovation for Development) Conference, Bangkok: A way to think about measuring transversal, co-scholastic and all those difficult values, attitudes and skills that now punctuate modern curricula around the world.

3-4 November 2016

Keynote presentations in Dalian, China

  • Global trends in large-scale, high-stakes assessment
  • A way to think about measuring non-cognitive skills in China’s quality comprehensive evaluation framework

Our other activities

This group comes together every 6-8 weeks and welcomes members of the educational community who are involved in assessment, measurement and psychometric projects. 

  • a workshop in Lao entitled “Test and item development and design” for UNESCO
  • a workshop in Almaty, Kazakhstan entitled “Assessment literacy and test and item development and design”
  • a series of workshops in China addressing development of performance standards, writing higher-order thinking skill items, and building rubrics to assess non-cognitive skills.
  • providing consulting services to the University of Sydney in building scales to measure graduate qualities such as cultural competence, critical thinking and influence
  • providing consulting services to the Australian Institute for Teaching and Learning, the NSW Education Standards Authority and the Western Australian Schools Curriculum and Standards Authority on projects related to establishing comparability across assessments of teacher effectiveness against professional standards
  • unpacking the assessment standards of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers into elaborations that need to be known and understood before they can be demonstrated
  • validating the Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment.
  • supervising postgraduate studies for local and international students in the areas of educational measurement, assessment and psychometrics
  • recruiting distinguished educational measurement and assessment professionals to become honorary associates of the hub.

Founding director

Headshot of Professor Jim Tognolini