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Sydney Asia-Pacific Migration Centre

Leading policy debate about regional migration challenges
We conduct research into pressing and emerging migration challenges throughout the Asia-Pacific region and how they intersect with global trends and reflect lived experience.

Our aims

We are a multidisciplinary network of scholars, researchers and practitioners with a central focus on expanding and nurturing academic research concerning local, regional and global migration. We welcome partnerships with government and non-government organisations, private and public groups and regional and international organisations. The centre also provides opportunities for researchers to build their expertise in the field of migration as interns, visiting scholars and fellows.

We aim to produce academic research through an action-oriented approach, encouraging multidisciplinary perspectives on existing and emerging migration issues and the challenges they pose to countries of origin and destination, migrants and non-migrants, and the organisations and institutions involved in its regulation.

We nurture the next generation of academics and practitioners by providing high-quality postgraduate education and career development in international migration.

We broaden and deepen public understanding of the specificities of international migration as it occurs in the Asia-Pacific region in relation to global trends and links between the local, regional and global levels.

Our research focuses on relationships between economic activity, social welfare, state sovereignty and cross-border mobility and how this plays out in the real experience of migrants and non-migrants on the ground. 

The centre’s core strength lies in interdisciplinary and action-oriented approaches to labour and skills mobility, dynamics between institutions and the individual, gender and transnationalism. Our research treats migration as part of the broader phenomenon of social mobility.

We seek to engage with the policy community and public at large. In doing so, the centre draws on the wide range of expertise across the University, including the University of Sydney Law School, the University of Sydney Business School, and the Faculty of Medicine and Health. We partner with government, industry and non-government organisations to inform policy.

Our people

The Asia-Pacific Migration Centre comprises academics and researchers from several faculties within the University of Sydney and welcomes visitors and researchers in various disciplines from Australia and around the world.

Our events

We showcase our work through a varriety of lectures, symposiums and conferences. We also welcome visiting scholars who wish to present their work. 

Past events

Brexit and the National Health Service workforce

21 March 2018

The withdrawal of the UK from the European Union has major implications for the UK National Health Service. Guest speaker Professor James Buchan from UTS presented on the implications and impact on flows of healthcare staff between the UK and countries of the EU.

Trapped in/pushed out: Border politics in the US and Australia

12 April 2017

From building walls to stopping boats and attempts to ‘trade’ refugees between countries, are we absolving rich countries of their international refugee obligations and shifting the burden to poorer countries? Our panel examined the policies of the United States and Australia.

Gender and Cultural Studies Seminar | Hard work

7 April 2017

  • Dr Anna Boucher measured workers' rights violations in practice using the example of Temporary Work (Skilled) (457) visas in Australia.
  • Nicole Matthews discussed emotional labour and pedagogies of discomfort in dementia care education.
Political Economy Seminar | Temporary labour migration in Asia: Protracted precarity and truncated rights

9 March 2017

Professor Nicola Piper presented research informed by the concept of protracted precarity and analyses the patterns and dynamics of intra-Asia temporary labour migration and the dominant global and regional migration governance frameworks that sustain them.

Refugee settlement: Challenges and opportunities | A cross-country perspective

10 February 2017

Delving into theoretical and empirical questions around resettlement and associated practices, comparing Australia and Korea, focusing on the resettlement of ethnic Karen refugees from Myanmar. Scholars from Australia and Korea presented and shared their insignts.