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Education and Social Work

Book cover of The Education Ecology of Universities: Integrating Learning, Strategy and the Academy

The Education Ecology of Universities: Integrating Learning, Strategy and the Academy

Robert E. Ellis and Peter Goodyear, Routledge, 2019

The first half of this book is based on in-depth interviews with 54 education, IT and campus infrastructure leaders in 39 Australian universities – Deputy Vice Chancellors for Education, Chief Information Officers and Directors of Estates. We explored with them some of the complexities and tensions involved in aligning education, digital and learning space strategies. We discovered some profound conceptual gaps at the heart of this work: gaps which we set out to fill in the second half of the book with ideas for a new applied science of educational ecology. Find out more.

Cover of Working Across Difference: Social Work, Social Policy and Social Justice

Working Across Difference: Social Work, Social Policy and Social Justice

Donna Baines, Bindi Bennett, Susan Goodwin and Margot Rawsthorne, Macmillan International, 2019

This book interrogates how white privilege and other forms of structural oppression are legitimized in Australian social work and social policy. The collection includes critical Aboriginal perspectives on social work and social policy, as well as contributions on Islamophobia, ageism, transphobia, white fragility and the privileging of ‘normality’ in social work and policy work.  Grounded in these perspectives, the book presents concrete examples of ways of disrupting, challenging and re-inventing social patterns of difference and inequity. Find out more.

Social and Political Sciences

Book cover: 'Reluctant Interveners' America's Failed Responses to Genocide From Bosnia to Darfur

'Reluctant Intervenes' America's Failed Responses to Genocide From Bosnia to Darfur

Eyal Mayroz, Rutgers University Press, 2019

Reluctant Interveners covers the international failures to respond to genocide, focusing on the complex relationships between citizenries, the media, political elites, and institutions in the most powerful nation in the world, the United States of America. Eyal Mayroz presents a sobering account of the interactions between the governing and the governed, and the dynamics which transformed moral concerns for the lives of faraway “others” into cold political calculations. In a time of ubiquitous social media and populist revival, a greater role for the citizenry in decision making on responses to genocide may be in the cards. The question is, in which directions will these trends take American foreign policy? Find out more.

Cover of Sustainable Materialism: Environmental Movements & the Politics of Everyday Life

Global environmental governance and the accountability trap

David Schlosberg and Luke Craven, Oxford University Press, 2019

In the face of a set of environmental crises, a growing number of environmental and community groups are focusing on more sustainable practices in everyday life. Sustainable food and food justice movements, community energy groups, and the sustainable fashion industry are reclaiming and restructuring material systems. Clearly organised and written, and based on activist interviews, Sustainable Materialism explores the political motivations of these movements – frustration with the political status quo, a desire for social and environmental justice, a dedication to prefigurative politics, and a demand that sustainability be practiced in everyday life. Find out more.


Cover of Journal of Money, Credit and Banking

The Role of Inflation Target Adjustment in Stabilization Policy

Yunjong Eo and Denny LieJournal of Money, Credit and Banking (forthcoming)

In this paper, we show that adjusting the central bank's inflation target can stabilize the economy and result in a substantial welfare improvement. The target should be adjusted in a persistent manner and in the opposite direction to the realization of economic shocks that create a trade-off between inflation and output stabilization. Our finding has an important policy implication in the current economic environment of persistently low inflation in various advanced economics, including Australia: if low inflation is attributed to such shocks, the central bank should raise its inflation target as a "makeup" strategy. Find out more.

Cover of Economics Letters

Smooth transitions across latitudes and longitudes: An application of a nonlinear panel regression to the climate - economics nexus

David Ubilava, Nelson Villoria and Jesse Tack, Economics Letters, 182, 114-117, 2019

We propose a variant of a nonlinear panel regression to identify differences in economic growth rates in response to global climate anomalies. This modelling framework generates many unique location-specific effects but only requires estimating a small number of parameters. The method can be applied in other similar settings where geography defines the nature of the relationship among the variables of interest. Find out more.

Philosophical and historical inquiry

Cover of Can Liberal States Accommodate Indigenous Peoples

Can Liberal States Accommodate Indigenous Peoples?

Duncan Ivison, Polity Press, 2020

‘Using the recent ‘Uluru Statement from the Heart’ as a starting point, Duncan Ivison considers how liberal states can justly accommodate Indigenous peoples today. He examines how Indigenous political movements have challenged liberal conceptions of the state, rights, legitimacy,  political community, identity and belonging. In addition to lucidly introducing these debates, he argues that we need to move beyond complaints about the ‘politics of identify’ and develop a more theoretically and historically nuanced liberalism for our times’. Find out more.

Book cover: Postfeminism in Context: Women, Australian Popular Culture, and the Unsettling of Postfeminism

Postfeminism in Context: Women, Australian Popular Culture, and the Unsettling of Postfeminism

Anthea Taylor and Margaret Henderson, Routledge (Taylor & Francis), 2019

Starting from the premise that previous studies of postfeminism have failed to adequately address its historical and cultural specificities, Margaret Henderson and Anthea Taylor analyse three decades of Australian popular culture to map the emergence of a distinctively Australian postfeminism. While postfeminism is commonly seen to be characterised by a disavowal of feminism, the authors identify a much more complicated relationship between feminism and the popular genres that make up their study. From chick lit to the press coverage of Australian women politicians, Postfeminism in Context offers a nuanced analysis of how feminism has shaped contemporary Australian femininities in popular culture. Find out more.

Languages and cultures

Book cover: Diamond Sutra Narratives

Diamond Sutra Narratives: Textual Production & Lay Religiosity in Medieval China

Chiew Hui Ho, UBrill, 2019

The most extensive exploration of Diamond Sutra devotionalism, this volume unravels the complex history of lay Buddhism in medieval China. Corroborated by a plethora of sources, its examination of three substantial collections of parasutraic narratives not only unlocks the mystery of the sudden rise of one of the most popular Buddhist scriptures but also sheds light on the effects of scriptural devotionalism on Chinese religiosity. By focusing on activities in textual production, it reveals a laity empowered enough to compel the monastic establishment to accommodate the changes they initiated. Find out more.

Book cover: Boris Vian, faiseur de hoax

Boris Vian, faiseur de hoax

Clara Sitbon, Brill, 2018

Boris Vian, faiseur de hoax: pour une démystification de l’Affaire Vernon Sullivan (Brill, 2019), provides the first comprehensive theory of literary hoaxes. Drawing on the works of theorists such as Roland Barthes, Michel Foucault, and Jacques Derrida, this book unpacks what lies underneath the preconceived idea of what literary hoaxes are, and provides a detailed typology of these hoaxes in French, British and Australian literatures. Through a meticulous and rigorous analysis of the Vernon Sullivan Affair (France, 1946-1950) as a case study, Clara Sitbon interrogates the impact of such hoaxes onto the notion of authorship, on the societies that shaped these hoaxes, and sheds new light on the power of the literary hoax in literary criticism. Find out more.

Literature, art and media

Book cover: Voice and Participation in Global Food Politics

Voice and Participation in Global Food Politics

Alana Mann, Routledge, 2019

Food politics is where the social, the technical, the cultural, the economic – and the environment – meet. But where is the democracy in our foodways? Most decisions about our food environments are left to profit-seeking companies and policy-makers who are out of touch with the lived experiences of food insecurity.  In this book Alana Mann draws on her international research into social learning and movement-building to suggest how ordinary people can have voice and participate in the co-design of food environments that are fairer, tastier, and healthier. Find out more.

Book cover: Creating Dialogue for TV

Creating Dialogue for TV

Monika Bednarek, Routledge, 2019

This short volume presents curated interviews with five Hollywood screenwriters: David Mandel (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Veep), Jane Espenson (Buffy, Battlestar Galactica, Once Upon a Time), Robert Berens (Supernatural), Sheila Lawrence (Gilmore Girls, Ugly Betty, The Marvelous Mrs Maisel), and Doris Egan (Tru Calling, House, Reign). Interviewed by a linguist, the writers/showrunners provide their professional knowledge and opinions of how language is used in television narratives, alongside anecdotes from the programs they have worked on. The book covers all things related to dialogue – from naturalistic style to the building of characters to swearing and dialect. Find out more.

Visual arts

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