Historical research processes and performance practices in Europe

Rehearsal Without A Director: Rethinking Theatre History
Rehearsal processes in European theatre before the advent of the director in the nineteenth century have not been systematically studied. Four multi-lingual historians, including Associate Professor Tim Fitzpatrick and Dr Laura Ginters, are analysing archival material from England, Italy, France and Germany for its relevance to rehearsal practice. This contrastive analysis of historical rehearsal practice constitutes a significant rethinking of how and why European performance developed as it did prior to the figure of the independent “modern” director.

Communities of Sentiment: Actors, Audiences and Emotions in the Eighteenth-Century English Theatre, 1741-1782
Glen McGillivray is currently researching the relationship between emotion and its performance in eighteenth-century English acting. Focusing on the middle years of the century, he is seeking to provide nuance and complexity to the questions of how and why did eighteenth-century audiences respond so passionately to acting which, to the modern eye, seems overly contrived?

Researchers in Historical Research Processes and Performances in Europe are:
Associate Professor Tim Fitzpatrick (Honorary Research Associate)
Dr Laura Ginters
Dr Glen McGillivray