Members of the Expedition

When the expedition left the Normandy port of Le Havre on 19 October 1800, there were 118 men on board the Géographe and 120 on the Naturaliste. There were also two passengers who were to be taken to the Ile de France (Mauritius) and eleven stowaways.

Biographical information on the principal officers, artists and scientists who were members of the Baudin expedition is provided here. These entries will later be developed into full biographical notices. Additional biographies will also be provided as they become available. The spelling of the names of the expedition members can vary greatly, as can the use of nobiliary particles, which were suppressed during the Revolutionary period but later restored. We have indicated the range of variations in the biographical entry, but in the list below we have given the simplified or Republican version of each name, or the most commonly used spelling.

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OFFICERS (including midshipmen, naval engineers)

Baudin, François-André
Baudin, Nicolas
Baudin, Charles
Billard, Julien
Bonnefoi de Montbazin, Louis Charles Gaspard
Bonnié, Bertrand
Bottard, Jean André
Bougainville, Hyacinthe
Breton, Désiré
Brüe, Joseph Louis Michel
Capmartin, Jean Antoine
Couture, Joseph Victor
Freycinet, Henri
Freycinet, Louis
Gicquel, Pierre Guillaume
Giraud, Etienne
Hamelin, Jacques Félix Emmanuel
Heirisson, François Antoine
Isabelle, Jacques Etienne Martin
Lebas, Sainte Croix
Mengin-Duvaldailly, Etienne Henry
Milius, Pierre Bernard
Morin, Pierre André
Moreau, Charles
Picquet, Antoine Furcy
Ransonnet, Jacques Joseph
Ronsard, François Michel
Saint-Cricq, Jacques


Brèvedent, Léon
Brué, Adrien Hubert
Maurouard, Jean Marie


Bellefin, Jérôme
Collas, François
L’Haridon, François Etienne
Taillefer, Hubert


Bailly, Joseph Charles
Bernier, Pierre-François
Bissy, Frédéric
Bory Saint-Vincent, Jean Baptiste
Boullanger, Charles Pierre
Cagnet, Jean François
Delisse, Jacques
Depuch, Louis
Dumont, Désiré
Faure, Pierre Ange
Guichenot, Antoine
Leschenault de la Tour, Jean Baptiste
Levillain, Stanislas
Maugé, René
Michaux, André
Péron, François
Riedlé, Anselme
Sautier, Antoine


Garnier, Michel
Lebrun, Louis
Lesueur, Charles Alexandre
Milbert, Jacques Gérard
Petit, Nicolas Martin

MASTERS (Warrant Officers)