Silk Road Project - tMap

We are developing new lightweight mapping approaches based on a Heurist backend database and AJAX, using Google Maps as the mapping client. We are provisionally calling this tMap, although this may change. We expect to migrate tMap to the OpenLayers mapping client, which has significant technical advantages including really good inbuilt digitising and the ability to pull in data from many different map sources (including Google Maps). OpenLayers, as its name suggests, is Open Source software, fitting better with our overall development strategy. The Silk Road pilot has been transferred to this new approach.

tMap is actually a generic method of mapping related records, and will be migrated to the standard Heurist interface, so any record in Heurist can be taken as a starting point (however this will not be particularly interesting unless the record is linked to other records by relationships).

An alternative text-oriented relationship browser is also being developed and used as the primary infrastructure for a number of digital history projects.