Silk Road Pilot

A pilot interactive browser + map + timeline visualisation of historical events

Silk Road Pilot


This is a pilot project to demonstrate a time-enabled map visualisation of historical events built on the Heurist bibliographic system, TimeMap web mapping application and Simile timeline component.

The events in the map, the timeline and this information panel are stored as separate records in Heurist, which supports collaborative annotation with item-specific blogg and wiki pages. Events can be edited directly via the pencil icon.

The relationships between events are also recorded in Heurist's, allowing relationships to be typed, time-stamped and annotated. Click on the title of an event to see all events related to it in this panel and on the map (and eventually, on the timeline).

The map is synchronised with the list of related events in this information panel and is updated as you browse the list. The map is time-enabled - manipulate the time bar to change the time view of the map. It can also be animated through the clock button.

This pilot is being developed by Ian Johnson (University of Sydney) and Ruth Mostern (University of Merced) with staff and interns from the Archaeological Computing Laboratory (Kim Jackson, Damian Evans, Tom Murtagh, Artem Osmakov, Steven Hayes, Martin King, Andrew Wilson, Tobias Peirick and Hanna Chamoun) and the University of California Merced (Elijah Weeks).