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Gallery attendees looking at and taking photos of Self-Portrait, 1887 by Vincent Van Goh.
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Department of Art History

We’re immersed in the cultural complexity of art and architecture
Making sense of the visual art created today and by cultures of the recent and distant past.

We engage with art and visual culture both within Australia and around the world. From medieval Italian manuscripts to contemporary Asian installations and the study of museums, galleries and institutions, we are experts in art history, curating, film studies, and museum and heritage studies.

Through our fieldwork placements you'll have the opportunity to visit major cities around the world and experience art beyond classroom learning. 

Other specialisations include modern art, post-modern art, contemporary art and film from the United States, global histories of art and its networks and exchanges, Western Europe, East and Southeast Asia, and Australia, the last of which includes the study of Indigenous painting, cinema, and new media.

Study area

Our research  

We are a leader in art history and theory research in Australia with strengths across a wide range of areas, including:

  • Early modern Europe and Asia
  • Visual culture and global modernities
  • Australian art, includes the study of Indigenous painting, cinema, and new media
  • Asian art
  • Film history and theory
  • Museum and exhibition studies

Research institutes and resources

Our people

  • Dr Alan Cholodenko
  • Professor John Clark
  • Dr Kate Davidson
  • Dr Kitty Hauser
  • Dr Olivier Krischer
  • Professor Terence Smith 
  • Professor Virginia Spate


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Department Chair

Department of Art History

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