Student Support and Services

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Student Support

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the University of Sydney provide a number of different services in support of your learning experience throughout your course.

For degree advice and to talk to an Undergraduate or Postgraduate Adviser, the Student Counter at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Office is open from Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm. You can also contact the Faculty outside of these hours via email.

Arts Teaching and Learning Network

The Arts Teaching and Learning Network also offer a number of support programs for students:

Support Services

Many students face extra hurdles and barriers to success at University. Perhaps you are struggling financially or having trouble finding accommodation. You might have a disability or a mental health condition that is impacting on your study. You might be struggling with study or feeling like you are not being treated equitably.

The University has many programs in place to provide students with practical, learning and emotional support. Check out the Equity & Diversity and the University's Student Services Support sites as a starting point.

Have a look at the links below for information on assistance for your specific needs:

  • Learning
  • Health & Welfare
  • Accommodation
  • Employment and Financial Assistance
  • International Students
  • Childcare
  • Student Organisations


Learning Centre
Free workshops on essay writing, critical reading, oral presentation skills and time management develop essential learning skills

Koori Centre
Academic support to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

Computer Access Labs
Provides on-campus computer access

Resource Centre
The Centre is an excellent resource for both students and teachers of languages other than English and English as a second language.

The Sydney Summer School
Non-compulsory study, including introductory or preparatory units.

Health & Welfare

Counselling Service
The Counselling Service is a free and confidential professional service. All counsellors are registered psychologists with experience in assisting students to meet their personal, social and academic goals. Assistance is available year round. We offer individual appointments as well as a group program to help students learn skills and techniques to develop a platform for academic and personal success.

Walk-in appointments for new clients are available through session from 11am to 3pm on a first-come first-served basis. Booked appointments can be made throughout the year.

Please contact the reception +612 8627 8433 or go to for more information

University Health Service
Find a doctor on campus

Disability Services Office
Get assistance for my disability, including getting notes for a class I can not attend, making alternative arrangements for exams and assessment, borrowing equipment.


Accommodation Service
Find accommodation off-campus

Employment and Financial Assistance

Careers Centre
Find a job to support your studies and start preparing now for your graduate career

Sydney Talent
Connect with leading employers for part-time and full-time work opportunities

Financial Assistance Office

Get help with emergency living and study expenses

The Scholarships Unit
Apply for scholarships, especially equity scholarships

Broadway scheme
Applicants who have suffered serious educational disadvantage may apply under the Broadway Scheme.

International Students

Australian Discussion Group (ADG)
A chance for Iternational students studying at the University of Sydney to make friends with local students and learn about Australian culture and way of life, while increasing their self-confidence in English.

International Student Support Unit
Develop successful strategies for coping with the challenges of living and studying in an unfamiliar culture


Child Care Information Office
Apply for child care

Student Organisations

The Student Representative Council represents all undergraduate students.

SUPRA represents all postgraduate students.

SU Sport
A wide variety of sports and sporting facilities are available on and off campus.

Clubs and societies
Meet students with similar interests “get involved in the university community!"

Australian Discussion Groups
Get together for conversational English, outings and get- togethers. All welcome!