Welcome to the Department of Sociology and Social Policy

Formed in 1991, the Department provides a unique and dynamic approach to each field of study. The four courses we offer combine studies of theory, research and application of policies to real world issues, that equip students with the skills and knowledge to make an impact on the world.

A major focus of the Sociology program is understanding how society shapes us and we shape society. The course looks at human behaviour, beliefs and identity in the context of social interaction, social relationships, institutions and change, often with an emphasis on seeking social justice to ameliorate inequality.

The Social policy program focuses on the history and contemporary institutions and practices of Australian social policies, comparative studies of policies in other countries, and the contested principles of social policy.

Socio-Legal Studies centers on the study of legal ideas, practices and institutions in their social and historical contexts, examining the institutions that make and enforce laws.

The Criminology program is devoted to the study of crime, deviance, social control and the legal system. It aims to understand who commits crimes and why, the societal responses, and how laws impact the prevention of crime.