Units of Study

2019 | 2020
Semester 1
SCLG1001Introduction to Sociology 1
SLSS1001Introduction to Socio-Legal Studies
CRIM2601Studying Crime and Criminology
SCLG2601Sociological Theory
SCLG2638Sociology of the Other
SCPL2601Australian Social Policy
SCPL2604Comparative Social Policy
CRIM3601Medico-Legal and Forensic Criminology
INDP3000Interdisciplinary Project (Intensive February)
INDP3000Interdisciplinary Project
INDP3000Interdisciplinary Project (Intensive January)
SCLG3607Nature and Society
SCLG3612Sociology of Culture
SCLG3701Social Inquiry: Qualitative Methods
SCLG3998Industry and Community Project (Intensive January)
SCLG3998Industry and Community Project (Intensive February)
SCLG3998Industry and Community Project
SCLG3999Interdisciplinary Impact
SLSS3603Social Justice, Law and Society
SLSS3998Industry and Community Project (Intensive February)
SLSS3998Industry and Community Project
SLSS3998Industry and Community Project (Intensive January)
SLSS3999Interdisciplinary Impact
Honours Units
SCLG4101Advanced Sociological Theory
SCLG4102Advanced Social Science Methodology
SCLG4103Sociology Honours Thesis 1
SLSS4014Socio-Legal Studies Honours D
SLSS4101Theory and Method in Socio-Legal Studies
SLSS4102Advanced Social Science Methodology
SLSS4103Socio-Legal Studies Honours Thesis 1
Semester 2
SCLG1002Introduction to Sociology 2
SCLG1002Introduction to Sociology 2 (Intensive July)
SLSS1003Law and Contemporary Society
CRIM2602Crime, Punishment and Society
SCLG2613Sociology of Childhood and Youth
SCLG2623Sociology of Terror
SCLG2637Society and Identity
SCPL2602Understanding Social Policy
SLSS2604Indigenous Social and Legal Justice
SLSS2606Socio-Legal Theory
CRIM3602Crime, Media and Culture
INDP3000Interdisciplinary Project (Intensive December)
INDP3000Interdisciplinary Project (Intensive July)
INDP3000Interdisciplinary Project
SCLG3601Contemporary Sociological Theory
SCLG3602Sociological Theory and Practice
SCLG3608Sociology of Deviance and Difference
SCLG3609Sociology of the Body
SCLG3610Sociology, Power and Violence
SCLG3702Quantitative Methods
SCLG3998Industry and Community Project (Intensive July)
SCLG3998Industry and Community Project
SCLG3998Industry and Community Project (Intensive December)
SCLG3999Interdisciplinary Impact
SCPL3604Making Social Policy
SLSS3601Doing Socio-Legal Research
SLSS3998Industry and Community Project (Intensive December)
SLSS3998Industry and Community Project (Intensive July)
SLSS3998Industry and Community Project
SLSS3999Interdisciplinary Impact
Honours Units
SCLG4104Sociology Honours Thesis 2
SLSS4104Socio-Legal Studies Honours Thesis 2
SCLG1001Introduction to Sociology 1
SCLG1002Introduction to Sociology 2
SCLG2623Sociology of Terror

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