student profile: Mrs Alison Fenech


Thesis work

Thesis title: Power Transitions in the 21st Century: The Rise of an Eastern Hegemon

Supervisors: Adam David MORTON

Thesis abstract:

The following research examines the potential for a US-China hegemonic transition in the 21st century through a Power Transition framework. As China approaches parity with the United States across a series of power measures in the coming decades, will it do so as a nation that is satisfied with the status quo world order, or one that seeks to revise it? Both China and the US are experiencing critical moments in their national history. While the US turns inward, China is embracing the world as it never has before. Is China's behavior a sign of socialization into the existing system or is it ceasing the opportunity to revise the system in ways that will reshape it here after? To answer these questions this research examines both traditional Power Transition approaches to measuring national power and status quo evaluations, focusing particularly on Chinese led international financial institutions (IFI's) and Chinese led trade blocs, and also adopts approaches from outside the Power Transition Research Program such as the role of individual leaders and the projection of soft power.

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