Dr Janet Xue

Member of China Studies Centre

H04 - Merewether Building
The University of Sydney

Website Sydney Cyber Security Network
Oxford Wolfson College Visiting Scholar
Oxford One Belt One Road Programme

Biographical details

Dr. Janet Hui Xue is a Research Associate at the University of Sydney where she is affiliated with the Sydney Cyber Security Network, the Department of Government and International Relations, and the China Studies Centre. She is also a Research Associate at the One Belt One Road Programme at the Faculty of Law,University of Oxford. Prior to that, she was a visiting scholar at the University of Oxford (2013-2014), and the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies in Copenhagen (2005), as well as affiliated with Network of Excellence in Internet Science.

Janet’s research addresses and tackles the complex regulatory issues that arise when new technology comes into wider use by society, yet policy-making and implementation have not caught up. She investigates the tensions that are created by this and how new models for regulation and governance can strike a balance between the conflicting interest of the involved different parties. In particular, she examines the large scale of social impact by technologies and possible law enforcement in the face of security and privacy challenges as they occur in data-driven economies. Based on more than 10 years of experience in researching the Chinese digital industries, she applies a socio-legal approach in comparative studies of emerging and developed data economies. Janet once served as consultant and professional trainer in media, telecommunication, and internet industries.

Her work has appeared in important peer-reviewed journals and she has been invited to give talks at international conferences and workshops in Oxford, London, Dublin, Beijing, and Sydney. Her monograph “Regulation of Personal Data on Social Networking Sites: A Comparative Study of the UK and China” is currently under review.

Research interests

  • Models of regulation and governance of new and emerging technologies
  • Cybersecurity in finance and healthcare
  • Protection of consumers’ personal data
  • Computational socio-legal methodologies
  • Governance models in decentralized/centralized distributed systems

Current projects

  • Regulatory Implications of Applying Smart Contracts in Decentralized Distributed Systems
  • Policy Scenarios for the Future(s) of Australian Cyber Security
  • Structure of Networked Individual Patient's Information Sharing through Mobile Apps: A Comparative Study of Australia and China in Rural Areas.

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