student profile: Ms Marama Whyte


Thesis work

Thesis title: Women in Print: The Struggle for Equality in the U.S. Media, 1960-1980

Supervisors: Michael MCDONNELL , Chris HILLIARD

Thesis abstract:

In recognition of the critical role of the media in creating racial and gender inequality, the second half of the twentieth century witnessed concerted campaigns to get more women and people of colour into newspaper boardrooms and newsrooms. Women in Print analyses the struggles that took place in this key time period to alter the media landscape. It is a study of institution building and activism; looking at the organizations created by women journalists and news reporters, their internal politics of class and race, and their varied political strategies. It is also a history of the changing discourses around gender and the media, focusing on how new ways of understanding gendered representations and gender relations, as well as the media itself, have shaped activism around this issue and to what effect.

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