student profile: Mr Mus Zhang


Thesis work

Thesis title: Bonding and Consensus: Towards an Interpersonal Grammar of Khorchin Mongolian

Supervisors: James MARTIN , Yaegan DORAN

Thesis abstract:

This thesis provides a systemic functional linguistic (SFL) description of the interpersonal grammar of Khorchin Mongolian, a dialect of Mongolian spoken in eastern Inner Mongolia, China.

The basic assumptions in this description are the theoretical dimensions of axis, rank, stratification, and metafunction in SFL. First, axis. The resources available to the speakers of the community to bond and reach consensus are formalised as network of systems with function structure realisations. Second, rank. The thesis focuses on the interpersonal resource of Khorchin Mongolian at clause rank. The preselctions of the clause rank systems from the group and word rank resources are also accounted for. Third, stratification. The interpersonal lexicogrammatical systems are considered from the perspective of the discourse function they serve. Four, metafunction. The other two metafunctions, ideational and textual, are referred to when necessary.

This description takes a text-based discourse oriented approach to grammar. It is text-based because it is based on unmonitored conversational data collected from the field. The data are organised in terms of the register variables laid out in Martin (1992). It is discourse oriented in that the description starts from above in terms of the discourse patterns of exchanging and negotiating knowledge, action, and attitude.

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