student profile: Ms Rachael Bolton


Thesis work

Thesis title: Our Boy: Making Australian Men

Supervisors: Fiona GILES , Jonathon HUTCHINSON

Thesis abstract:

"Our Boy" is a mixed-methods social research project that that examines how Australian men from diverse cultural, socio-economic and generational backgrounds feel about their own masculinity and the expectations of contemporary Australian culture. This project employs survey data collection and in-depth interviews to tell the stories of Australian men in their own words whilst also reflecting on broader trends in the community. This thesis takes the form of a work of long-form literary journalism and also includes an organizational autoethnographic component.

Research interests include: intersectionality, masculinity, men's liberation movements, feminist theory, multiculturalism, sociological theories of class, radical empathy, theories of social change and transformation, gender relations, social media studies, literary journalism

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