student profile: Mr Zahid Akter


Thesis work

Thesis title: A Comprehensive Description of Pangkhua: An Endangered Tibeto-Burman Language of Bangladesh

Supervisors: Mark POST , Gwendolyn HYSLOP

Thesis abstract:

«p»«p» This is a descriptive grammar of Pangkhua, a Kuki-Chin language of the Tibeto-Burman (a.k.a. Trans-Himalayan) language family. This is a relatively small and endangered language spoken in Rangamati district, Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh. The grammar will be a first ever attempt to provide a comprehensive description of the various levels of linguistic structure, including phonology, morphology, syntax, discourse and language use. The grammar will serve two main purposes. First, it will be a reference work for linguists, specifically for language typologists and historical-comparative-linguists. Second, it will be a foundation from which further documentary and pedagogical materials may be developed to aid in the maintenance and revitalization of the Pangkhua language.«/p»«/p»

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