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Bupa Health Foundation Mental Health Funding

Funding boost to improve access to mental health care
Researchers from the Brain and Mind Centre have been awarded funding from the Bupa Health Foundation to improve access and coordination of mental health care

Professor Ian Hickie and the Youth Mental Health and Technology Team will lead a youth-focused technology-driven project, entitled “Best Care, First Time”.

“We want to test whether better coordinated care with new technology saves lives and makes more productive lives by better coordinating the care. With this project we hope that we can show the right coordination of primary care, specialist care, outpatient settings, or hospital care within districts that actually works,” Professor Hickie said.

The project will evaluate the use of digital platforms to help young Australians get the right type of mental health care when they need it.

The funding was announced today by Annette Schmiede, Executive Leader of the Bupa Health Foundation.

Read the Bupa press release here.

New technology saves lives
Prof Ian Hickie

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