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15 December 2015

The role of human behaviour in supply chain decision-making

The basic assumptions in supply chain decision tools and models may often centre around unrealistic assumptions, writes Behnam Fahimnia.
30 October 2015

Having it all and avoiding climate disaster? Maybe not

A recently published book offers a sobering yet hopeful account of how corporate myths have slowed our response to human‑caused climate change, and what we can do about it.
13 August 2015

Are public transport fares more expensive in Australia than anywhere else?

A recent Deutsche Bank study led the Sydney Morning Herald to claim that 'getting from A to B on public transport costs more in Australia than anywhere else'. Is this being fair about fares or does this ignore important variations within cities and between cities?
31 July 2015

Brain drain and brain gain in the workplace

Dr Stefan Volk has enhanced organisational behaviour research with neuroscientific methods to discover why employees display particular behaviours at work and how these behaviours can be managed to achieve better outcomes.
26 June 2015

Managing emotional resources: the key to thriving at work

Using the latest techniques, our researchers investigate new strategies for helping workers in high-stress jobs to managing their feelings and organisational expectations.
19 June 2015

High-frequency trading and dark pools: a toxic effect on market evolution

Is high-frequency trading leading to reduced participation by genuine investors and borrowers?