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07 March 2019

The best free things to do in Sydney in 2019

Life at uni can be busy and expensive – but living on a student budget doesn't need to be boring. That's why we've put together a collection of just some of the many free events Sydney has to offer.
08 October 2018

What you need to know about ‘contract cheating’

Plagiarism is on the decline, but new forms of cheating are on the rise. ‘Contract cheating’ is a rapidly growing problem that every student should be concerned about. So, what is it, and why is it so bad?
26 February 2019

Meet our 2019 Westpac Future Leaders Scholars

Esther Schroeder and Joel Palte are 2019 recipients of the Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship, awarded to outstanding postgraduate students investigating solutions to some of Australia’s most complex issues.
25 May 2018

Can I afford an overseas exchange?

Anyone at the University of Sydney can undertake a global experience. From scholarships to side-hustles, it can be easier than you think to finance an overseas program.
19 December 2018

How to be a good housemate

Living out of home is an exciting whirlwind of new found freedom and self-sufficiency. But with this independence comes the tricky task of sharing a living space. We’ve rounded up some tips so you can turn roomies into besties.