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How to be a good library citizen

Getting along in the exam cram
Libraries and learning hubs can pack out during the peak study times. Everyone’s on site to learn but nobody needs extra stress – so here are five simple rules of etiquette so everyone can study better together.

Don’t be a desk hog

Desks are hot property in peak study times, but nothing is more infuriating than seeing desks ‘claimed’ with someone’s belongings for hours with no sign of the owner. It’s unfair for other students to have to find a spot on the floor while a backpack and drink bottle take up prime desk real estate. If you do see someone‘s things left unattended for long periods, it is OK to move the belongings to the side and use the desk. Or you can let staff or security know.

Serenity now

Libraries are no longer places where even the sound of a dropped pin draws a scathing ‘shush’ from the old librarian stereotype. But a library still needs its serene atmosphere to allow students to get into that hallowed deep study state. Respect the silent zones, don’t blast music loudly through headphones and if you need to chat, find a place where you won’t disturb others enjoying the peace and quiet.

Keep it clean

Yes, you are allowed to eat in the library – you can’t be expected to study on an empty stomach. But don’t treat it like a shopping mall food court. Learning spaces anywhere on campus are shared, so that means you’re responsible for tidying up after you are finished for the next person who needs to use that spot. If you polish off some snacks during a session, dispose of the evidence afterwards and leave the area the way you would like to find it.

Desk littered with rubbish.

Left behind. Trash and belongings sometimes linger on desks for hours unattended. Don't be that person.

Microwave responsibly

Speaking of food, being able to microwave a meal at the library is a luxury we’re all thankful for. Sharing is caring, so clean it after you use it. Also, remember that other people might not be as hungry as you or wish to have the air filled with food. So if you’re carrying something super fragrant – like, say a fish and durian curry - heating it up in an enclosed area isn’t very considerate for others in the vicinity. Keep the strong-smelling stuff at home.

Don’t be a hazard

If you need to find a nook, make sure it’s not in a place where you’ll be tripping over others. Don’t park yourself in the main thoroughfares, like the book shelves or corridors. If you need to plug your laptop in, watch that your cord doesn’t stretch out around where others need to walk through. Cord tripping incidents are no fun for anyone involved.

Remember, you can book a study space online. Bookings can be made up to 48 hours in advance for up to three hours at a time. If you need assistance, Library staff are always happy to help.

9 November 2018

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