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High school activities

School visits, campus tours and careers markets

Receive advice from our friendly student ambassadors, get involved in faculty-specific activities, and discover what facilities our University campuses have to offer.

School visits

Our student ambassadors visit schools to provide advice on all aspects of university including courses, global exchange opportunities, transferring and deferring, and other topics to help students make an informed decision. 

School visits include a 35 minute presentation followed by a five minute Q&A session, and we can tailor the presentation to meet your specific needs.

The following specialist presentations are available on request:

  • Scholarships
  • Onshore international students
  • Admission pathways 
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Campus tours

High school groups

Join our student ambassadors for a tour of our Camperdown/Darlington campus. Get an inside look at Australia’s oldest university and receive the answers to any questions you have about university.

Tours start underneath the Quadrangle Clocktower and cover many of the key features on campus. A typical campus tour is 2 hours in duration, comprising a 1 hour tour of the campus and facilities, and a 1 hour University presentation.

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For faculty-specific activities please see below. 

Individuals/general public

On the first Friday of every month from 4 to 5pm we run a campus tour for prospective students and their friends and family, starting at the Quadrangle Clocktower.

Our student ambassadors, who come from a range of faculties and backgrounds, will take you on a tour and answer your questions on selecting a course, living on campus and university life.

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Careers market

The University regularly attends high school careers markets throughout the year. Our experienced student ambassadors are available to visit your school and provide valuable information about studying with us. 

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Faculty-specific activities for school tours

Interactive workshops

Knowledge of agriculture is intrinsically linked to understanding many of the world’s biggest issues including water management, food security, resource use and climate change. The Sydney Institute of Agriculture offers five hands-on workshops, including an insight into why chocolate is so delicious! These are available to students from all years (groups of 10–30).

For more information, visit our Science Outreach website.

Portfolio Development

A strong portfolio of student work is an important element of your application and a way for students who have achieved close to the guaranteed ATAR to gain admission into our programs. In conjunction with the HSC and other formal assessment systems, it assists the University of Sydney to identify students with the potential to excel in higher education in architecture or design computing.

Visit our website or join us at Open Day and Portfolio Day to get tips and feedback on how to construct your portfolio and increase your chances of gaining admission to our prestigious Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning. 

Find out more about Portfolio Development here.

The Tin Sheds Gallery (TSG)

Students are welcome to visit this contemporary exhibition space located within the Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning.

The gallery provides a platform for projects that inspire the imagination and ignite critical dialogue – addressing the myriad forces that shape the built and virtual environment.

Visit the Tin Sheds Gallery and join in the exploration of new ideas, research, debate and spatial experimentation and innovation.

Find out more about our latest exhibitions at the Tin Sheds Gallery.

History Outreach Program

This program, run by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, makes some of the University’s most interesting historical resources available to students in Years 7-12. These resources include rare book manuscripts, Egyptian mummies and the University’s own Quadrangle.

The program offers workshops throughout the year for students in stages four, five or six who are attending a government-identified low socioeconomic school.

To register as a partner school, please contact:

Associate Professor Mike McDonnell
Phone: 02 9351 6733

Museum visits

Students or all ages can visit the Nicholson Museum, the largest antiquities museum in the Southern Hemisphere. Here, they'll see relics from Ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt, including real mummies.

Tours (for up to 20 students) can also be booked for the Shellshear Museum, Australia’s only museum dedicated to physical anthropology. The exhibits include skeletons of humans, primates and other species, offering a great chance to study human evolution and anatomy.

The Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies offers workshops, programs and information nights as well as work experience placements for high school students throughout the year. 

Propel Mobility Scholarships

We have more than 20 high school events to help you explore the many options within engineering, IT and project management and discover where your passion lies. Attend any four of these events and you may be eligible for a $2000 travel scholarship. Read more about Propel.

Summer, Autumn and Winter Schools

We deliver summer, autumn and winter school programs for high school students interested in finding out more about engineering.

These programs include on-campus workshops and site visits to leading companies where students can see engineers in action on major project sites. They are mentored by university students, engage in hands-on activities and learn about careers in engineering.

Explore Engineering Winter School (Year 9-10) 
16-17 July 2018
Applications close 28 May 2018

Project Management Winter School (Year 10-12)
12-13 July 2018
Applications close 4 June 2018

STEM Girls @ Sydney (Year 11-12)
January 2019
Applications open in October 2018

We partner with Engineers Australia for their Honeywell Engineering Summer School, Cochlear Autumn School of Engineering as well as Engineering Aid Australia to deliver the annual Indigenous Australian Engineering Summer School (IAESS).

Interactive workshops

Throughout the year, we invite high school students on campus to experience what it’s like to study engineering, project management and information technologies.

Students can participate in fun, interactive workshops, tour our facilities and talk to our academics and current students about study options and life at Sydney. During the workshops they might create their own avatar, build a signal railway, race in a fuel cell car challenge or participate in a desert-island scenario.

Our faculty communicators can also come to your high school and run tailored activities with your students, aligned with your curriculum.

Work experience

The faculty offers a limited number of Chemical Engineering Work Experience placements for Year 10 students in May, July and August 2018. Students are teamed up with either an academic or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) student to work on a suitable project. This program is popular so you will need to apply for a place as early as possible. (Applications have closed for 2018 and will open in February 2019). 

Information Evenings

We know that life during the final years at school can be stressful, so we want to make your students’ transition to university as easy as possible.

At our Year 11 and 12 information evening held on 29 May 2018 we give students an overview of our undergraduate degrees, explain the application process and let them know about our HSC preparation and bridging courses.

At our Bachelor of Advanced Computing information evening held on 21 June 2018, attendees will learn more about Australia's most innovative computer science and IT degree and the career opportunities which it brings.

They also have the chance to chat to academics and current students and hear about their experiences at Sydney first hand. Stay in touch with the faculty to find out more.

Zero Robotics

Zero Robotics is an international robotics competition where Australian high school students compete against teams from around the world using NASA research robots aboard the international space station. This is the only program of its kind where students control NASA technology in space. Sign up your high school team here.

Zero Robotics Australian Qualifying Competition Launch
8.30am - 3pm, 10 May 2018

On the day students and teachers will run through some code structure and project management workshops as well as have a chance to hear from the University's resident astronaut Dr Greg Chamitoff and Director of Saber Astronautics, Dr Jason Held. Register here.

Discover Engineering Day

The faculty also participates in Engineers Australia’s Discover Engineering Day. Students will have the opportunity to participate in hands on engineering activities, listen to students and professionals in the industry and learn what a career in engineering is all about.

National Computer Science School (NCSS)

NCSS is an intensive week-long computer programming and website development summer school for students going into Years 11 and 12. It's about challenging students to think like a computer scientist and giving them an intensive programming experience in a university setting. As part of the program they will go on site visits and meet industry professionals. Learn more here.

NCSS Challenge

The NCSS Challenge is a five week competition giving high school students an opportunity to learn and experience computer programming. The challenge is designed to cater for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

Girls’ Programming Network (GPN)

GPN is an extracurricular program run by girls, for girls. In this one-day workshop participants have the opportunity to develop their own games, learn about digital media, sound, image and video manipulation and even create smart phone applications. The tutors are a mix of University IT students and professional software engineers from companies like Google and Atlassian. Learn more here.

The Faculty of Science welcomes high school students of all ages to engage with us through our Outreach Program. Some of our activities are listed below.

Mathematical Enrichment and Mathematical Olympiad

The Mathematics Enrichment program is designed to challenge gifted and talented students. With programs ranging from correspondence courses to residential programs, this opportunity can be tailored to the needs of your school. Students that excel at the Enrichment Program may also be selected for the Mathematical Olympiad.

For more information visit the Australian Mathematics Trust website, or contact:

Dr Bill Palmer
Phone: 02 9351 3048

The National Mathematics Summer School

For nearly 50 years the National Mathematics Summer School has exposed talented students from all over Australia to the possibilities of tertiary mathematics. This two-week residential program for Year 11 students includes workshops on higher mathematics, guest speakers, and a special lecture at the Academy of Science.

For more information, visit the National Mathematics Summer School website, or contact:

Associate Professor Terry Gagen
Phone: 02 9351 4027

Sydney Science Experience

See how CSI works in real life! Students from Year 10 and 11 are introduced to the applied science of forensics through a three-day intensive program. Students perform DNA, fingerprint and fibre analysis to solve a scientific ‘who-dun-it’. Learn more about the Sydney Science Experience.

International Science School

This two-week residential program is designed to challenge gifted students from Year 11 and 12 in the field of physics, with a particular focus on nanoscience. Held in the July holidays, students have the opportunity to meet experts in the field and extend their physics knowledge to the highest level. Learn more about the International Science School.

Kickstart Science Workshops

A program specifically designed to support Year 11-12 students and teachers in their HSC study, Kickstart Science strengthens students’ understanding of key syllabus concepts by providing practical demonstrations with state of the art equipment. Workshops are offered in the areas Anatomy and Histology, Physics, Biology and Chemistry.

Hands-on Science and Mathematics

Learn what the day-to-day work of a physicist involves through experiments, demonstrations and lectures. Get your students excited about science with scorpions, liquid nitrogen and Google algorithms! Activities are specifically targeted at particular age groups from Year 7-10, in groups of eight to 50.

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki talk

Australia’s favourite science presenter can speak to your students (from Year 7 to 12). Include a talk by Dr Karl as part of your next campus tour or have science come to your classroom via Skype. Be sure to book early as places are limited.

Macleay Museum

Students of all years can spend time amongst Australia’s oldest collection of natural history at the Macleay Museum. The Macleay Collection enables students to explore a unique snapshot of biodiversity up and close. Some of the most popular exhibits include a skeleton of the world’s smallest land mammal and a stowaway flea from Darwin’s ship.

SCA Galleries

The SCA Galleries play an important role in the life of Sydney College of the Arts as a resource and educational device for students and staff, providing the community with access to a range of challenging and innovative contemporary art exhibitions and events.

Find out more about our latest exhibitions at the SCA Galleries.

Sydney College of the Arts (SCA) Portfolio Day

Saturday 6 October 2018, 10am-1pm

We recommend that prospective students for the Bachelor of Visual Arts and Bachelor of Visual Arts/Bachelor of Advanced Studies attend the Portfolio Day to learn more about the SCA application process and what to include in their portfolio. Academic staff will be available to provide feedback; prospective students are encouraged to bring their portfolio, visual arts diary and any additional documentation of their art practice.

For more information and to register for the event, visit our website.

Rising Stars at the Con

Each year, the Conservatorium of Music fosters the development of an elite group of young musicians. The Rising Stars program for students in Years 7-12 runs in two 13-week blocks and extends all aspects of students’ musical repertoire through individual instrumental lessons, performances and music theory.

Auditions are held in November/December and May/June and scholarships or bursaries may be available.