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The Charles Perkins Centre offers a number of research scholarships open to undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD students.


Each year the Charles Perkins Centre offers up to 10 Summer Scholarships to high-achieving students. In recent years the program has been made possible thanks to the generosity of The Nicholas Catchlove Early Career Researcher Development Fund.

Successful students undertake eight weeks of paid research over the summer to realise innovative and collaborative project ideas that contribute to the understanding, management or prevention of the individual and societal impacts of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and related conditions.

The scholarship is open to all University of Sydney undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students, from any area of study and with any level of research experience.

This scholarship is unique, as no projects are specified for applicants to choose from. Instead, students are encouraged to develop and submit their own research project ideas in-line with the Charles Perkins Centre research strategy, mission, and goals.

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Peanut allergy is extremely common and there is no cure. Current studies of peanut immunotherapy have shown the effects are not generally long-lasting. We plan to study a novel form of oral peanut immunotherapy using peanut and a dietary fibre (modified starch) supplement. 

We have evidence that the diet supplement protects animals from developing a food allergy and that this form of supplement modulates important protective immune responses in human cells in vitro.

In this part of the study, we will investigate whether this novel form of oral peanut immunotherapy will induce regulatory immune responses and modify the gastrointestinal microbiome. 

We wish to explore the immunological mechanisms involved in the desensitisation process including the effects of short-chained fatty acids on the T-regulatory cell compartment. 

We intend to apply functional as well as phenotypic analysis of ex-vivo derived T-cells and link these results with gut microbiome data and clinical outcomes. 

This project will be based in the Paediatric Immunology Lab at the Nepean Hub of the Charles Perkins Centre under the direction of Professor Ralph Nanan

Open to

The scholarship is open to Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents and New Zealand citizens. 

Value and duration

The base stipend will be at the rate of AUD$27,082 per annum (2018 rate), tax-free for three years.

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