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The scholarships available through our centre

The Charles Perkins Centre offers a number of research scholarships open to undergraduate, postgraduate, and PHD students.

The Charles Perkins Centre will offer up to 10 Summer Scholarships to high-achieving students through the Summer Scholarship 2018/2019 program. 

Successful students will undertake 8 weeks of paid research during the summer break to realise innovative and collaborative project ideas that contribute to the understanding, management or prevention of the individual and societal impacts of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and related conditions.

The Summer Scholarship will be open to all University of Sydney undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students, from any area of study and with any level of research experience.

This scholarship is unique, as no projects are specified for applicants to choose from. Instead, students are encouraged to develop and submit their own research project ideas in line withe the Charles Perkins Centre Research Strategy, Mission, and goals.

Applications for the CPC 2018/2017 will open in September 2018.