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Obesity services

Creating local services for treating obesity in Western Sydney

We’re involving the community in building a multidisciplinary service model for obesity. We aim to implement preventative interventions and state-of-the-art treatments in this highly affected population. 

Obesity is a growing concern globally, nationally and at a regional level. We’re creating a structure to facilitate the implementation of preventative interventions and state-of-the-art treatments for obesity and related conditions in highly affected populations.

Our work aims to make this process an integrative one. We’ll involve local and federal government, general practitioners, schools, local health district services, and researchers in building these services. 

Western Sydney is one of the most obese regions in New South Wales yet local coordinated services for treating obesity don’t exist. Our infrastructure, expertise and network of research at the Charles Perkins Centre, and its Nepean base, offer the capability to address this. 

Our work will involve the community at all levels as we build a multidisciplinary service model that includes research and education.

Internal collaborators

External collaborators

  • Australian Government
  • Nepean Medical Research Foundation and Australian Women and Children’s Research Foundation (OZWAC)
  • Nepean-Blue Mountains Local Health District
  • Nepean-Blue Mountains Medicare Local
  • NSW Government
  • Penrith Business Alliance

Project Node Leader

Professor Michael Peek
Professor Michael Peek
Check the Nepean Clinical School