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Past events and podcasts

Highlights from our past events

The China Studies Centre presents and co-presents a diverse range of events, including a regular series of seminars and panel talks, the Sydney Asian Art Series lectures, as well as the Sydney China Business Forum.

Sydney Ideas: Peace on the Peninsula? The origins and implications of North Korea’s diplomatic offensive

In this Sydney Ideas talk given in June 2018, Luigi Tomba, Director of the China Studies Centre, introduces a panel of experts to explore the origins and implications of Kim Jong-un's recent diplomatic activism from North Korean, US, and Chinese perspectives.

Sydney Asian Art Series: Winnie Wong

Winnie Wong, Associate Professor of Rhetoric and History of Art at the University of Berkeley, discusses the Chinese painter known to Europeans as “Lam Qua”, one of the most well-documented artisans working in the port of Guangzhou in the early 19th century. While few historical Chinese records remain to clarify Lam Qua’s biography, he left a fascinating corpus of paintings—both originals and copies. What can we learn about Lam Qua from his work? Was he an early exemplar of modern art in China, or a mere copyist of European pictures? Presented in association with the Power Institute, AGNSW, Sydney Ideas and VisAsia.

Sydney Asian Art Series: Professor David J. Roxburgh

Professor David J. Roxburgh examines the processes by which Qajar artists – whether working at the royal court or in the bazaar – embraced new technologies of the image and examines the nature of their resulting intermedial artworks. What were the implications for the art of painting after the advent of photography and lithography?

Australia and China: before and below the nation

December 2017 marks 45 years since Australia and the People's Republic of China established formal diplomatic relations. In celebrating such anniversaries, it is common for politicians and diplomats to note how the Australia–China relationship has developed over the intervening years – citing trade and investment figures, and tourism dollars, and the growing numbers of Chinese students at Australian universities.

But what of Australia–China relations before 1972? Before 1922? Before 1872?

An Analysis of Western Images in China

Professor Colin Mackerras surveys how the West has viewed China over time. He notes distinct worsening over the last half decade or so, both in the United States and in Australia, and argues that there is a good deal of politics in the images and that we should see these images not only as a reflection of China, but also of the West itself.

Sydney Asian Art Series: Professor Joan Kee

Professor Joan Kee from the University of Michigan, addressed the intersection of various conceptions of property in China with several important artworks produced in 1990s and new millennium China, including those by Wang Jin, Ai Weiwei, Lin Yilin, Zhu Fadong, Li Jinghu, and Zhang Liaoyuan.

Hong Kong twenty years after the handover: developments since 1997 and prospects for the future

This forum, held in August 2017, examined developments in Hong Kong in the 20 years since it became the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, and prospects for Hong Kong's future under Chinese rule.

Turning urban: strengths and vulnerabilities of China's collective in the process of urbanisation

In this talk given in June 2017 Luigi Tomba, Director of the China Studies Centre, discusses the process of urbanisation in China, including the struggle between the state and the village.