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Podcasts featuring the China Studies Centre community
From Chinese art to politics and a variety of topics in-between, catch up with the latest talks produced by the China Studies Centre.

Our other podcasts

  • Xinjiang Crackdown: Understanding Nationalities Policy and Islam in China today
    At this Sydney Ideas event, the panel explored issues of Chinese government cracking down on ethnic minorities in Xinjiang from a range of perspectives, and answered questions from the audience. Listen now.  
  • Peace on the peninsula? The origins and implications of North Korea’s diplomatic offensive
    This roundtable discussion brings together experts from the University of Sydney and the Lowy Institute to explore the origins and implications of Kim Jong-un’s recent diplomatic activism from North Korean, US, and Chinese perspectives. Listen now
  • Australia and China: before and below the nation
    In this lecture Dr Kate Bagnall considers a different history of Australia–China relations. With the first known Chinese settler in New South Wales arriving almost 200 years ago, what do we know about the men and women whose lives crossed between China and Australia, and Australia and China, in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries? Listen now
  • Hong Kong twenty years after the handover: developments since 1997 and prospects for the future
    This forum examines developments in Hong Kong in the 20 years since it became the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China and prospects for Hong Kong's future under Chinese rule. Listen now
  • How China's wartime past is shaping its present and future
    Professor Rana Mitter, History and Politics of Modern China at the University of Oxford and a Fellow of St Cross College, explores how the battered China of wartime became today’s superpower in the making – and why. Listen to the full story.
  • Meeting the China challenge: Australia’s China policy in a new era
    This forum and open discussion with Australia’s leading China commentators was hosted by Dr James Reilly, Department of Government and International Relations at the University of Sydney. Listen now.
  • China’s grand strategy
    How do the Chinese perceive their role and key relationships with global and regional powers? The University of Sydney brings together prominent Chinese scholars and Australian scholars to engage in open, extensive and in-depth conversations. Learn more
  • China, Tibet and the colonial question
    China sees itself as a victim of imperialism and colonialism. The modern Chinese nationalism, including the one adopted and promoted by the Chinese Communist Party, is defined through this. Professor Dibyesh Anand (University of Westminster, London) interrogates this narrative and argues that there is a fundamental disjuncture at the heart of the modern nation-state project in China. Listen now
  • Hong Kong and Mainland China: contested realities, future visions
    Listen to a public forum with two of Hong Kong’s best-known and internationally respected civic figures, Anson Chan and Martin Lee, talk about present-day realities and the future prospects for Hong Kong. Learn more.
  • China and the fifth generation leadership: China moves into the era of socio-political change
     Professor Kerry Brown explores the new leadership of the Chinese Communist Party in China. He offers an assessment of the Hu and Wen period and suggests how the future leaders will deal with a transition into an era in which the greatest challenges will be socio-political. Listen now
  • Understanding China today and tomorrow
    What happens in China today – from economic to political and cultural events – already has an impact on the rest of the world. As its global influence increases, what does the future hold? Listen to the entire talk
  • Sydney Asian Art Series – Professor Joan Kee
    This lecture addresses the intersection of various conceptions of property with several important artworks produced in 1990s and new millennium China, including those by Wang Jin, Ai Weiwei, Lin Yilin, Zhu Fadong, Li Jinghu, and Zhang Liaoyuan. Listen now
  • Sydney Asian Art Series – Associate Professor Winne Wong
    Winnie Wong, Associate Professor of Rhetoric and History of Art at the University of Berkeley, discusses the Chinese painter known to Europeans as “Lam Qua”. Listen now.
  • Sydney Asian Art Series – Professor David J. Roxburgh
    Professor David J. Roxburgh examines the processes by which Qajar artists – whether working at the royal court or in the bazaar – embraced new technologies of the image and examines the nature of their resulting intermedia artworks. What were the implications for the art of painting after the advent of photography and lithography? Learn more.