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  • Dr Nicholas Ng and Lulu Liu
    ABC Radio interviewed Dr Ng & Lulu Liu, from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, who demonstrated Chinese instruments including the erhu, pipa and hulusi.
  • Associate Professor Justin Hastings 
    CNBC (US) interviewed Associated Professor Hastings from the Department of Government and International Relations about the upcoming meeting between North Korea and South Korea and denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula.
  • Professor Yingjie Guo
    ABC Online quoted Professor Guo from the School of Languages and Cultures about the history of the mid-autumn Moon Festival.
  • Dr Melody Ding
    Eastday (China),Daily Telegraph, SBS Online, Ten Daily, Radio NZ, Hong Kong Herald, South China Morning Post, The Independent (UK), Eastday (China), BBC News (Brazil), UOL (Brazil), Notícias (Brazil), BOL Notícias (Brazil) and Journal o Globo (Brazil) quoted Dr Ding from the School of Public Health and Charles Perkins Centre about new research that finds people are putting their health at risk by not doing enough exercise.
  • Professor Hans Hendrischke
    Toutiao (China) reported on a KPMG and University of Sydney study showing that in the past decade, Australia has been the second largest recipient – after the United States – of Chinese investment. Eastmoney (China) also quoted Professor Hendrischke about China’s position as a global economic driver and its potential influence in Africa.
  • Dr Ying Zhang
    The Daily Telegraph quoted Dr Zhang from the School of Public Health about Australia needing to take climate change seriously. The article was syndicated across News Corp Australia online.
  • Dr Sophie Loy-Wilson
    ABC Radio National interviewed Dr Loy-Wilson from the Department of History about historical Chinese immigration to Australia.
  • Professor John Wong
    ABC Online quoted Emeritus Professor Wong from the Department of History about the legacy of the Opium Wars in modern China.
  • Dr Quan Gan
    SBS Mandarin interviewed Dr Gan from the Business School about a Chinese bank lending Turkey $3.6 billion.
  • Dr David Brophy
    Wall Street Journal (US) quoted Dr David Brophy from the School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry about US Congress pressuring the Trump administration to confront the Chinese government over its internment camps in Xinjang, comprising Muslim minority Uighurs. Morning Star (US) republished the article.