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Medicine and Health

Your journey in medicine and health at the University of Sydney starts here

Alongside degrees in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, publich health and nursing, we offer courses in exercise and sports science, medical imaging and diagnostic radiography, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech pathology, rehabilitation and nutrition and dietetics.

You can study the human body from head to toe or explore the bigger picture with courses in population health, hospital management and health policy.

Why Sydney?

Early on in your degree at Sydney you will gain hands-on experience in a range of healthcare settings – from our modern simulation facilities to our clinical schools in urban and rural locations or with our extensive network of industry partners in Australia and overseas.

You’ll participate in interdisciplinary practice, learning from experts and academics alongside students from other health disciplines to gain a wide range of invaluable skills from patient interaction to teamwork, leadership and research methods.

This exposure ensures that you will graduate fully equipped with the capabilities required to make a genuine difference to the lives of individuals and communities.

At Sydney we rank very highly nationally and globally in our medicine and health courses. Our dental, pharmacy and nursing schools are also the oldest in Australia. 

We are:

  • #1 in Australia and #5 in the world for graduate employability
  • #2 in Australia and #18 in the world for medicine
  • #2 in Australia and #4 in the world for sport, physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • #2 in Australia and #15 in the world for nursing
  • #2 in Australia and #19 in the world for pharmacy and pharmacology
  • #1 in Asia-Pacific and #18 in the world for public health
  • #1 in Australia and #13 in the world for anatomy and physiology

Source: QS World University Rankings by Subject 2019' QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2018.

student doctor holding baby

"I studied in Canada doing a Commerce degree initially and then decided to change paths. I thought that moving half-way around the world would be a pretty cool adventure so I decided to come and study at Sydney."

Sean Hassan, Medical Student.

Health is one of the fastest growing sectors around the world.

Doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists and allied health professionals are in constant demand. 

At the University of Sydney we offer the largest range of health courses of any Australian university, giving you a variety of ways to pursue your passion in health.

International students

Are you an international student looking to specialise in medicine and health? We offer a range of health courses that are accredited by international bodies, allowing you to practice in your home country.

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