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Unit of study_

Advanced Animal Nutrition - VETS8006

Year - 2018

This Unit of Study builds upon principles discussed in ANSC1002 (Concepts of Animal Management). The Unit is broadly divided into four sections, namely: estimating the nutritive characteristics of feeds; defining the nutrient requirements of animals; diet formulation; errors in feeding. The focus is on coming to an understanding of the assessment of nutritional adequacy and the avoidance and solving of nutritional problems, with a particular emphasis on animals used in agricultural production systems and wildlife. The principles discussed in this course will be expanded in the following year, in which species-specific systems will be described. The basis of successful feeding management is an understanding of the following: the composition of feeds; the digestibility and efficiency of utilisation of nutrients by the animal; the nutrient requirements of the animal; interactions between nutrients that influence health and production. And following from this, students will have the ability to formulate diets to meet animal requirements for a variety of purposes and under a variety of constraints; identify deficiencies, excesses and imbalances in diets and so avoid a decline in productive efficiency and/or a decline in health.

Lectures 2-3 h/week, lecture recording 1-2h/week and in situ and/or online laboratories 2-3 h/week

3 individual problem based-learning (PBL) reports (Total of 50%); 1 literature review; 1 video presentation (15%); 1 individual PBL creation (15%); and 1 online end term exam (20%).

Students are encouraged to have an individual tablet PC or laptop with wireless connectivity (e.g.: ipad; Galaxy Note, etc.) during all classes. There is no required text for the course. A number of textbooks are available on reserve at the library. These include: 1 - Animal Nutrition by McDonald, P., Edwards, R.A., Greenhalgh, J.F.D. and Morgan, C.A. (2002) 6th ed. Pearson Education Limited, Harlow UK. Badham Library Call # 636.0852 3 E 2 - Feeds and Feeding (5th Edition) (Hardcover) by Tilden Wayne Perry, Arthur E. Cullison, Robert S. Lowrey (Authors). Publisher: Prentice Hall; 5 edition (November 19, 1998). Badham Library Call # 636.084 9 B 3 - Animal Feeds, Feeding and Nutrition, and Ration Evaluation CD-ROM (Hardcover) by David Tisch (Author). Publisher: Delmar Cengage Learning; 1 edition (October 5, 2005). Badham Library Call # 636.08557 5 4 - Animal Nutrition Science (Paperback) by G. Dryden (Author) Publisher: CABI; 1 edition (October 5, 2008). Badham Library Call # 636.0852 66 5 - Tables of Composition and Nutritional Value of Feed Materials Pigs, Poultry, Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Rabbits, Horses, Fish By Daniel Sauvant, Jean-Marc Perez, Gilles Tran Publisher: INRA (January, 2004). Badham Library Call # 636.0852 60 National Research Council (NRC) publications describing nutrient requirements of various species may also provide useful information; these publications can all be accessed online and are available on reserve at the library: Nutrient Requirements of Poultry (NRC, 1994). Badham or Camden 636.50852 4 F Nutrient Requirements of Swine (NRC, 1998). Badham or Camden 636.40852 7 G Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle (NRC, 2001). Badham or Camden 636.214 17D Nutrient Requirements of Beef Cattle (NRC, 2000). Badham 636.213 27 G Nutrient Requirements of Horses (NRC, 2007). Badham or Camden 636.10852 5 F There will be copies of this text on reserve and for purchase in the bookstore. Again, it is not essential to buy these text books. All the material required for the course will be presented in lecture and in the lecture notes, but the text may prove useful in understanding the lecture material.

Assumed knowledge
Fundamentals of Biochemistry


ANSC3001 or ANSC3101


Faculty: Science

Semester 2

30 Jul 2018

Department/School: School of Veterinary Science Academic Operations
Study Mode: Normal (lecture/lab/tutorial) day
Census Date: 31 Aug 2018
Unit of study level: Postgraduate
Credit points: 6.0
EFTSL: 0.125
Available for study abroad and exchange: No
Faculty/department permission required? No
More details
Unit of Study coordinator: A/Prof Alex Chaves
HECS Band: 3
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