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About the centre

Unleashing data to transform scientific discovery
The Centre for Translational Data Science is a multidisciplinary initiative transforming research through the application of data science.

The centre was launched in 2016 at the University of Sydney to drive new and transformational advances in data science.

We create multidisciplinary partnerships between data scientists and domain research experts across the University to transform research and to strengthen data science.

We develop a culture of engagement with external industry and government partners by applying data science and machine learning methods to achieve economic and social impact for the broader community.

Our role is also educational, fostering the next generation of data scientists and embedding data science in to the University’s DNA.

What is translational data science?

Translational data science is, firstly, the discovery of new data science methods, and, secondly, the translation of these new methods into finding solutions to other research problems. In this way, research data is translated into meaningful outcomes that have a large societal impact.

Broadly, data science uses analytical methods and technology – such as statistics, computer science, machine learning, and visualisation – to reveal patterns and make meaning of large amounts of complex data.