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Podcasts featuring our members
Data science transforming science and society.

Listen to this live recording of Lamiae Azizi speaking at Raising the Bar Sydney 2018. In her talk, she'll discuss the steps being taken to improve robot performance by teaching machines to think and interact with the world around them.

This podcast is from a Sydney Ideas event in 2016. In this audio, you'll learn about the transformational advances in research fostered by the Centre of Translational Data Science through the application of data and machine-learning technologies. 

In this live recording at Raising the Bar Sydney 2017, Fabio Ramos will discuss recent advances in machine learning that allow robots to learn by themselves and get better at accomplishing these missions. He will also describe applications of these ideas in healthcare, self-driving cars and environment monitoring.

Dr Lamiae Azizi

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Dr Lamiae Azizi was featured on Careers with STEM's Twitter feed. Read her story.