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Educational Innovation Team

The Educational Innovation (EI) team in the DVC (Education) Portfolio works closely with faculties to support the University's ambitions outlined in the 2016–20 Strategic Plan and particularly its vision of a distinctive and reimagined Sydney education and a transformed learning environment.

In 2017 and 2018, our key work in delivering this vision includes:

The transformation of the learning experience will require innovation, creativity and collaboration in our teaching approaches, blending the best aspects of face-to-face interactivity with engaging and mobile online resources. It will include better access to learning analytics giving us the insights to provide personalised learning and support to students even in the largest classes. And it will need educational design expertise and flexible physical and virtual learning environments built to facilitate these new learning designs and promote collaborative inquiry.

There are many opportunities to get involved and advance your educational skills and career. These include the Strategic Education Grants, our #edtech talks, teaching and learning events as well as our professional learning courses.

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