Educational Integrity

The role of the University of Sydney is to create, preserve, transmit and apply knowledge through teaching, research, creative works and other forms of scholarship. The University is committed to a culture of academic excellence and integrity as the cornerstones of scholastic achievement and quality assurance. This means that the University is unequivocally opposed to, nor will it tolerate, any form of academic dishonesty.

Staff and students of the University are called upon to actively promote this culture in order to safeguard the academic integrity and excellence of the University’s educational and research programs.

Office of Educational Integrity

Established in 2015, the Office of Educational Integrity is responsible for the coordination of University-wide practices, processes and systems related to the prevention, detection and reporting of breaches of academic honesty in coursework and higher degree by research programs.

For further information about educational integrity at the University of Sydney:

Enquiries for the Office should be directed to:

+61 2 8627 5221