Educational Innovation Team

The Educational Innovation (EI) team provides integrated professional development and support for all aspects of learning and teaching.

To enable focussed support for innovation in the faculties, a 'hub and spoke' will be deployed with groups of educational designers and academic developers from the EI team working closely with faculties on projects of strategic importance.

Alongside a central 'hub' role, sub-sections of the EI team will be assigned to 'spokes' (groupings of faculties and schools) to work on medium and long term projects. These projects will be developed through consultations and agreement between the Portfolio and each faculty to align with strategic goals.

Key Contacts

Director: Adam Bridgeman
Senior Manager for Enterprise Learning: Colin Lowe
Educational Design Manager (LMS): Roman Tantiongco
Educational Design Manager (MOOC Program): Marianna Koulias
Educational Designer (Supporting MOOC Program): Jo Lockwood


Other Contacts

Rebecca Denham, Casual Educational Designer
Lachlan Pearce, Helpdesk Officer