At the end of 2011 the Academic Board approved a new Assessment Policy and Assessment Procedures, based on a set of Assessment Principles, and agreed that implementation would occur over the following two years. This site has been designed to assist in the implementation and interpretation of the new Policy and Procedures.

The key areas covered in the site are listed below and also shown in the left margin. None of these sections contains a comprehensive coverage (and may never do so) but the aim in establishing this ‘wiki’ site is that staff from across the university will contribute their exemplars to, and comments on, the existing sections, as well as contribute new sections or parts of new sections. For example, a contribution on assessing studio learning would be welcome, as would exemplars of samples of student work from a range of disciplines.

A key initiative is the establishment of the Assessment Scholars Network (ASN) to promote good practice and support innovation in assessment. The case studies in the left margin have been collaboratively developed by members of the ASN. Please click here for a list of the Assessment Scholars by faculty. The Network will also investigate and develop curriculum standards around assessment to inform the University’s curriculum and teaching renewal priorities.

The University website on the First Year Experience has several sections on assessment, including links to resources that complement the content of this site.

If you have resources to add, or suggestions for changes to this site, please contact Dr Graham Hendry.


Academic Honesty Resources Learning outcomes
Case studies of good practice Managing assessment
Designing assessment Marking and grading
Disability considerations Moderation
Feedback On-line assessment
Grade descriptors Selection of examples of student work
Group work Setting Standards
Implementing assessment principles Types of assessment
Increasing complexity Unit of Study Outline