HDR+ Grants

HDR+ Staff Grants

In 2015, approximately $60,000 has been awarded to faculties for the development of faculty-led, online resources, to support successful HDR candidature and academic enrichment.

Many faculties have local initiatives and resources that would be more easily accessible to students both within and across faculties if they were hosted as online resources which could be used in stand-alone mode or supported by an education or workshop program.

The scheme has enabled faculties to develop online resources to address educational needs typically identified through HDR TNA process, Student Research Experience Questionnaire data or other faculty processes.  Examples include: ethics, data science, research methods and academic writing.

Successful HDR+ Staff projects

Project Faculty
Promoting the Professional Self Arts and Social Sciences
Resources on Data Management Principles Engineering and Information Technologies
Project planning: how long will it take to complete my project? Health Sciences
Enhancing research experience of HDR students through on-line resources and connections Science
Faculty of Veterinary Science Higher Degree Research Online Portal for the efficient provision of HDR resources Veterinary Science
Raising your research profile: a module supporting the development of research promotion skills University Library

HDR+ Student Grants

In 2015, approximately $18,000 has been awarded to students for the support of student-led initiatives intended to enhance the academic experience and outcomes of Higher Degree by Research (HDR) programs.

The funding can be used to support a range of creative and innovative academic activities which enrich the HDR experience and contribute to the development of HDR communities at the University. In addition to the benefit of the activities themselves, the scheme processes are designed to support the development of skills in project management, proposal writing, project evaluation etc.

Creativity, collaboration, independence and personal initiative are all important outcomes of a PhD. Students were invited to apply these skills in conceiving suitable activities for funding under this scheme.

Successful HDR+ Student projects

Project Lead Faculty
Communicating academic research for policy and community impact: HDR workshop Arts and Social Sciences
Writing The Past: Conversations with Authors Arts and Social Sciences
Combining Higher Degree Research and Parenting: Routes to success and sources of support (workshop) Arts and Social Sciences
Emerging South Asian Security Outlook: Opportunities & Challenges for Australia Arts and Social Sciences
Group Writing Intensive Workshop Arts and Social Sciences
Orofacial Pain conference in Westmead Hospital Dentistry
The FHS HDR Bazaar Health Sciences
Thesis writing "Boot Camp" Sydney Medical School
Establish Research Groups and Networks through Speed Networking Sydney Medical School
Post-graduate degrees - The Afterlife Sydney Medical School
Higher Degree Research Day Sydney Medical School
Shut Up and Write! Sydney Medical School
Student Career Development Day Sydney Medical School
Sydney-wide symposium for Higher Degree Research (HDR) students in the field of back pain research Sydney Medical School
The Woolcock Research Symposium Sydney Medical School
Wellness Week Sydney Medical School
HDR grant writing workshop for the life sciences Science
Finding entry points for engaging students in International Agricultural Research Veterinary Science

HDR+ Student Grants – Evaluation Report

Before submitting, please ensure that your report:

  • Does not exceed 2 pages and addresses the following:
    • 1. Details of the number and discipline background of participants.
    • 2. The academic benefits to participants arising from the activity.
    • 3. Brief financial acquittal explain the expenditure of funds.
    • 4. Your recommendations for future activities.
  • Is collated for submission as a single PDF.

Completed evaluation reports should be submitted by Thursday 3 December.

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