Making an Application for a Learning and Teaching Award


In semester 1 2016, the suite of Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Learning and Teaching will be in review. It is expected that an announcement about a new integrated set of awards will be made towards the end of semester 1, and applications open shortly afterwards.An announcement will be posted on this page and announced in Teaching@Sydney as soon as  the information is available.

The resources on this website now relate to previous years' awards.

Should you have any queries, contact Dr Alison Kuiper.


To support the development of teaching award applications, the Educational Innovation Team runs workshops for intending applicants for Vice Chancellor's Awards or the Office for Learning and Teaching Citations and Awards. The focus is on drafting applications and giving and receiving feedback with the aims of meeting the criteria for the awards and presenting professional applications. The application process can also foster collegial support and critique and conversations about teaching.

The emphasis in the workshops will be on providing information about making a successful application and assisting with questions about preparing an application. The website resources have been provided as an alternative to the workshops for those who find it difficult to attend or prefer to work independently but most successful applicants have benefitted from attending one or more workshops. The application processes for the teaching awards and grants are managed by the Educational Innovation Team. For academic support attend the workshops organised by EI and download the resources. If you wish for individual assistance with your application from the ITL it is expected you will first have attended an EI workshop.