OLT Award winner


Dr Elizabeth New - Early Career Award for Teaching Excellence.
Dr Elizabeth New as a Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Sydney, has demonstrated excellence in learning and teaching, in a thriving research program into the development of molecular imaging tools for the study of biological systems. Dr New is passionate about sharing and developing a love of chemistry with students by promoting active engagement in the learning process.

The Peer Assisted Learning Programme, Dr Annette Burgess, Associate Professor Kirsten Black, Associate Professor Renata Chapman, Professor Craig Mellis and Associate Professor Chris Roberts -Award for Programs that Enhance Learning for innovation and flexibility in curricula, learning and teaching.

In 2010, the Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) program was established at the Central Clinical School based at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, where medical students gain clinical experience. The goal of the PAL program is to develop and sustain medical students' professionalism (knowledge, skills and professional behaviours) through socialising their learning in an authentic, engaging clinical environment.


Dr Danny Liu (Faculty of Science) - OLT Teaching Excellence

Danny was recognised for developing innovative technology-enhanced and inquiry-based teaching approaches at the University, and for his work in cultivating scientific discovery and critical thinking skills in large undergraduate cohorts with diverse backgrounds and career trajectories.

OLT Citation recipients


Associate Professor Jaime Gongora
For innovatively embedding cultural competence into the veterinary curriculum and promoting an environment that celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures

Associate Professor Alyson Simpson
For passionate commitment to dialogic pedagogy that inspires students as literacy educators learning to teach critically and creatively with children's literature


Professor Craig Mellis, Associate Professor Kirsten Black, Dr Annette Burgess, Dr Renata Chapman and Associate Professor Chris Roberts
For providing a collaborative and dynamic social learning network which enhances the critically important graduate attributes of professionalism and clinical skills required by medical students.

Dr Jennifer Way - Education and Social Work (news item)
For developing innovative technology-based resources for mathematics education designed to engage and inspire future teachers of mathematics and provide professional support nationally.


Professor Jennifer Alison -  Faculty of Health Sciences
Through her supervision of research students, Professor Alison provides an environment that develops enquiring, independent, ethical research clinicians who contribute to the knowledge?base of healthcare.

Dr Susan Banki (Early Career) - Faculty of Arts and Social Science
For passionate and engaged teaching practices that inspire student learning through innovative teaching approaches, including the development of a unique Human Rights Simulation.

Dr Danny Liu (Early Career) - Faculty of Science
For development of innovative technology-enhanced and inquiry-based teaching practices and curricula that inspire and motivate a new generation of scientists.

Associate Professor Lynette Mackenzie - Faculty of Health Sciences
For leadership in the design and implementation of innovative assessment tasks in occupational therapy curricula that promote the development of reflexivity in preparation for practice.

Dr Rebekah Moles - Faculty of Pharmacy
For contemporary course development in pharmacy that creatively integrates science and practice to enhance student learning and application.

Professor Des Richardson - Sydney Medical School
Sustained excellence in research higher degree supervision utilizing strategies of the “New Academic World” that highly motivate and inspire PhD students to become “star” achievers.

Associate Professor Fiona White and Dr Caleb Owens - Faculty of Science
For outstanding contribution to developing and evaluating the innovative Constructive Feedback and Plagiarism Reduction program that engages student writing skills and successfully reduced plagiarism rates.

Associate Professor Bronwyn Winter - Faculty of Arts and Social Science
For developing interdisciplinary curricula that extend students intellectually, foster their creativity and supporting research-engaged student collaborations in cross cultural programs in Humanities and Social Sciences.

OLT Award winner


Professor Rick Benitez  (Faculty of Arts) - OLT Teaching Excellence

Professor Rick Benitez’s approach to learning and teaching is grounded in a model of
a learning community, in which mutual respect and common purpose drive learning
and teaching practices. By modelling the values of learning, including respect,
good judgment, intellectual courage and curiosity, Rick has inspired students to
adopt habits of learning that change their lives.

OLT Citation recipients


Professor Rick Benitez - For outstanding contributions to learning both directly through respect and support of students and indirectly through the leadership in teaching and learning.

Professor Anita Bundy - For more than three decades of skilful mentoring of research students: shaping the journey to match students' unique interests, abilities and skills

Associate Professor Rafael A. Calvo - For scholarly approaches that influence and enrich engineering students' experience of academic writing.

Mr Giuseppe Carabetta - For sustained excellence in experiential and collaborative learning experiences for Business Law students at both foundation and senior levels.

Dr Kirsty Foster - For outstanding support of medical students and clinical tutors and contributing significantly to the development of an effective learning environment in the clinical setting

Dr Patricia McCabe - For leadership in the development and implementation of innovative case-based speech pathology curricula to facilitate an evidence-based approach to learning and professional practice.

Dr Siegbert Schmid - For a decade of novel and effective approaches which inspire students and exceptional scholarship in chemistry education which has enriched the student experience

ALTC Award winners


Associate Professor Rosina Mladenovic (Business School) - ALTC Teaching Excellence

Associate Professor Adam Bridgeman and Dr Peter Rutledge (School of Chemistry) - ALTC Program award for Delivering high quality feedback to large classes

ALTC Citation recipients


Dr Roger Bourne (Faculty of Health Sciences) For development of innovative curricula and teaching tools that inspire students to learn

Helen Drury (Learning Centre) For a decade of innovative online programs supporting student report writing in science and engineering

Associate Professor Leon Poladian (School of Mathematics and Statistics) For innovative mathematics service teaching that motivates first year life sciences students in a large class setting by incorporating authentic, contemporary and socially significant material

Professor Kathryn Refshauge (Faculty of Health Sciences) Professor Refshauge creates an inclusive learning environment with opportunities for each student to develop a variety of individually meaningful attributes in preparation for diverse careers

Dr Peter Rutledge (School of Chemistry) For creative approaches to chemistry teaching that engage and inspire students and significantly enhance their learning experience

Sandra Seno-Alday (Discipline of International Business) For effectively designing integrated assessment systems that inspire active and progressive learning, leading to increased dynamic learning capacity

Dr Charlotte Taylor (School of Biological Sciences) Engaging in sustained innovation, evaluation and sharing of teaching initiatives and learning experiences for very large first year cohorts in the biological sciences


Dr Peter Gibbens (School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering) For the development of an internationally recognised simulation based experiential learning system for flight mechanics that has produced significant improvements in student learning and enthusiasm

Ms Patty Kamvounias (Discipline of Business Law, Faculty of Economics and Business) For sustained commitment to enhancing student learning in business law through an integrated approach to assessment and feedback

Dr Sabine Ludewig (Discipline of Work and Organisational Studies, Faculty of Economics and Business) For sustained commitment to enhancing the learning experience of undergraduate students by creating an intellectually challenging learning culture that fosters motivation, inclusion and intellectual autonomy

Dr Tara Murphy & Dr James R Curran (School of Information Technologies) For their outstanding commitment to first year IT teaching, including the development of an innovative online learning system to enhance the student experience


Associate Professor Maureen Boughton, Ms Lesley Halliday, & Ms Lynn Brown (Faculty of Nursing) for developing, facilitating and evaluating a tailored programme for nursing students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Associate Professor David Easdown (School of Mathematics and Statistics) for nurturing students’ discovery in learning mathematics.

Dr Merran Govendir (Faculty of Veterinary Science) for creating learning cultures that encourage students to optimise their learning.

Associate Professor Frank Seebacher (School of Biological Sciences) for leading biology students from learning about science to becoming creative scientists.

Ms Kristine Sodersten & Dr Susan Rice (Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning) for their innovative approach to collaborative studio learning for architecture students.

Dr Catherine Sutton-Brady, (Discipline of Marketing) also received a citation with her colleague Ms Nicole Stegemann at the University of Western Sydney.