Academic Board Citations:

Vice-Chancellor's Awards for
Support of the Student Experience

Winners of the Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Support of the Student Experience receive citations from Academic Board at their respective Faculty Graduation Ceremonies.

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Pam Maclean Centre (Professor Stuart Dunn, Professor Fran Boyle, Dr  Paul Heinrich, Ms Jennifer Dibley) – Sydney Medical School

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Program ( Professor Craig Mellis, Ms Annette Burgess, A/Prof Chris    Roberts, Dr Kirsten Black, Dr Renata Chapman) – Sydney Medical School


Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Teaching Team: Dr Debra Shirley, Dr Leslie Nicholson, Dr Rob Boland, Dr Trudy Rebbeck, Mr Peter Colagiuri
Faculty of Health Sciences

First Year Psychology Curriculum Team - Constructive Feedback and Plagiarism Reduction Program: Associate Professor Fiona White, Dr Caleb Owens
Faculty of Science


Dr Colleen Canning and the Neurological Physiotherapy Teaching Team
Faculty of Health Sciences

Dr Adrian George and Dr Don Radford for the Chemistry Bridging Course
Faculty of Science


Delivering High Quality and Rapid Feedback for Large Classes
Faculty of Science

iResearch: information skills for life project
University Library

2009 eLearning Innovations Team
Faculty of Veterinary Science
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Excellence in Learning and Teaching Evaluation (ELATE) Committee
School of Molecular and Microbial Biosciences
Faculty of education and social work
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Study Unit Manager and Organiser (SUMO) Committee
Faculty of Education and Social Work
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2008 First Year Chemistry Teaching Fellow Team
School of Chemistry

GRADFEST: Supporting the Postgraduate Research Student Experience
Dr Janet Jones, Dr Angela Ardington, Ms Helen Bonanno, Mr Peter O’Carroll and Ms Karen Scouller

GRADFEST is a unique program developed by the Learning Centre which supports the whole postgraduate research student experience and provides students with the opportunity to engage in the wider postgraduate community across the University.

Advancing Chemistry by Enhancing Learning in Laboratory (ACELL)
Associate Professor Scott Kable, Dr Simon Barrie, Dr Adrian George and Mr Justin Read.

The ACELL project has found an effective and innovative way to motivate student learning in a laboratory environment by bringing students and staff together to collaborate on designing laboratory activities. view citation online.

Improving the postgraduate research student experience in the Faculty of Veterinary Science

Dr Imke Tammen, Professor Frank Nicholas, Dr Merran Govendir and Mrs Peta Phillips.
The Postgraduate Research Training Plan implemented by the Faculty of Veterinary Science has influenced a dramatic improvement of the postgraduate research experience in the Faculty where postgraduates no longer feel isolated and marginalised but consider themselves as ‘being part of the Faculty Culture’.


Nerida Jarkey
Arts Network Mentoring Program
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Deborah Kirby-Parsons and Mr
Curtis Flood

Koori Centre Web Presence
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Roxanne Healy
Australian Physiotherapy Association, University of Sydney Group
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Simon Myers
David Handelsman
Yamini Sandiran
Joanne Elliot

Faculty of Medicine’s Summer Research Scholarship Program
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David Rose
Koori Centre’s Scaffolding Literacy Program
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Chris Scarlett
Michelle O’Han
Hamish Ross

Postgraduate Research Students Society (PReSS), Northern Clinical School,
Faculty of Medicine

With a Runners-Up Award to:

Jill Kelton
Nadia Bradley
Faculty of Economics and Business Postgraduate Peer Mentoring Program


Maryanne Large
Leon Poladian

Optical Fibre Technology Centre
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Year Five Extramural Support Team
Faculty of Veterinary Science
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